Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Lily saw my post and she blasted me for that.No,it wasn't because of me de-faming her,but it was beacuse of Tim Danker..

Yup,i got blasted because i forgotten Tim's actual nick name..Tim i'm sorry..sincerest aoplogies.

according to Lily,Timothy Danker is not know as riceboy,but known more commonly as thumbelina dongkerbell and also Timoly(lil'y personal name for him)..Tim,anything do not look for me.look for lily instead..she's responsible for everything said and done here..

p/s:Tim's also known as nam heong..peace..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

*You're still the one*

You're still the one
that i want to love forever and ever..

You're still the one
that i want to wake up with every morning
and snuggle up with every nite,
the one i would want to share my dreams with..

You're still the one
that i want to build castle in the air with,
the one whose hand i hold when i;m afraid,
whose soulders i lean on when i need support..

You're still the one
i want to encourage to make you own dreams come true,
the one i want to comfort when you need a source of strenth
and the one i always want to hold close to my heart.

You're stil the one,
was the one,
forever the one,
and the only one that i want to love forever..

You're still the one..

-Renee Duvell-

p/s:i love you.. =)

*that time of the semester*

Its that time of the semester again where clubs and pubs will not be the hottest hanging out spot,the library and McD becomes the lastest(and for a short period of time) place where we all will be sitting and stressing over shits(exams),where the books and lecture notes will be our best frens,where the librarian will seem to look so familiar that you'll be thinking "is she the new librarian",the time where we will all be so stressed up to the point that our head tells us to call it quits and its time to relax and where we all bitch about all these exams and tell ourselves "if only i went for tuts and lectures and paid more attention in classes,all these stressful shit would never happen..." and all those stuffs.

yup,its the exams period once me,nothing changed although i'm in Perth.Books are stil my new-and-soon-to-be divorced new frens,library has been my favourite hanging out spot,where i curse my arse off on this and that and bitch about this and that once again.i spent more money on Red Bull,coffees,tea and cigg rather than least i know that this is the best diet plan that i can reconsider in the near future.

the only diff is that i miss certain things that i used to do during these times.back then,at these time,i would be in McD studying my arse off,asking thee khye and jason to teman me at McD's,where we'll spend hours talking bout nothing but shits that has absolutely nothing to do with the exams and then talking and boasting bout how we would trash each other arses on the fossball table and pool table.i remembered semesters back(when i was stil in metro),stil fresh from organising autofiesta,i was so screwed.i stressed myself up but enjoyed myself at the same times because of the great companionships i had at the particular time.

thee khye and jason(the inseparable couple) would be talking and shooting each other wif stuffs and shit and comparing their ability and skills in playing dota.Sean,Tim and marco and nick will be calling each other names.tim(rice boy),marco(the president),sean(the VP), and nick(wats ur nick name again?sorry i forgotten..wait!you didnt have any do you?) would be going at war with each other about the thespians and the infamous klang-subang war.derek(ho-ho-ho) will always(and forever) be late for appointment.Derek,i think you shud be given an award,an award meant for those whom are so patriotic.Derek,if other ppl are still trying to define malaysian,all they have to do is look you up and they will find the answer.with the malaysian timing that you always practise,you are a true malaysian.

the MMEC boys are unforgetttable as well.the botak fella always yelling and screaming(juz kidding bai yi!) at us,chandra the blur stoned look on his face whenever u see him in the morning,eddy yee(the new mr. tan) always taking so much good perfect care for his car,benson will be talking bout nothing but exhibitors for 99% of the time i saw him,then tim will be smoking and puffing away with his malboro lights,derek(as said,malaysian timing),justin talking bout every single thing under the sun,lily(the legendary lily,i juz cant missed her) the alcoholic girl going crazy when she sees beer,sharyl(the founder and the president of tHE AAC blog and society and also the lifetime president for the A.S.G.O club.sharyl,drop a line if u duno wat A.S.G.O is),ALWAYS whining and complaining about every single thing(but she's just adorable),nick always serious about his job as though its a matter of life and death,and who else?to those that i did not mentioned,i'm really really sorry as i'm dead hell tired but yet blogging cuz it just suddenly came(the feeling of blogging).

and then there's anita paul,always smiling,guiding,advicing,cheering us whenever we(everyone she knows) are going thru tough times,then there's the new mother yee yee,always nagging bout this and that and a typical housewife and mother and lady..lolz..juz kidding yee yee.and then there's shah,always giving us teh ideas and i somehow or rather feels that he's an angel sent from someone to us..lolz..

i duno but i really miss those times that i spent in metro.i wished times could be like that over here but i know that it just can't.there's one more person i however would love to mention.someone that has been supporting me in everything i do,giving me the strength,courage,belief,conidence and everything i need to pull things off,always advicing me,forgiving me and best of all,loving me for who i am and what i am not.

Bb,you have been everything to me and u mean the world to me.In ppl's eye,they believed that we wouldn't make it thru but we did.i juz hope that u understand how much i love you and i really missed every single happy,beautiful and special breathtaking moment we spent u said,its just a month away and we'll reunite under the beautiful moonlit skies and the beautiful memories and feelings that kept us going on and on and on......

thank you for everything that you've done for me,the patience u showed me,the courage that you gave me,the srength you passed me,the memories you gave me,the countless times you reassured me,and the undying and unlimited love that you showered me..i love you dear and i'm missing you very much even though i dont mention it.i love you dear,always and forever..

p/s:i'm off to the farm to work this thursday.cows,vegetable,insects,the sun and the heat,and the soils will be my new best frens..

Thursday, November 1, 2007


i'm really sorry for the long long layoff from upadting this crappy blog.i'm really sorry for those followers of poolerbuoy.blogspot and i'm really sorry..the reason the updates hasn't been coming in is due to the fact that i;ve been really busy with all my assignments,presentations and all the mid sem tests and simpler terms?in 1 week=1 mcq test,2 assignments due,2 presentations all in a space of 5 days?thats how busy i was.

the otehr reason was due to the fact that i've lost then connectivity cable for this trusty phone of mine and because of that,i juz cant put up the photos from my phone and on to this blog.

so why suddenly i decided to psot sumthing today?is it cuz i'm finally free from all the uni crappy stuffs and shit?wrong..did i finally found my cable?wrong again..i was watching this video from youtube and then i cam across this video by(WARNING:MIGHT BE CONSIDERED GAY TO CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS THAT HATES BOYBAND AND CONSIDERS THEM GAY.IF U HAPPEN TO FALL IN THIS PARTICULAR CATEGORY,PLZ GET OUT OF the backstreet boys.they recently came out with a new song and i find it quite interesting...i duno about u me gay(my gf would certainly testify against that),call me pussy(perform a body check on me if u please),call me sissy(i've got no comment on that) but i juz find a liking to this guys,enjoy..

"...Baby I don't want to waste another day
Keeping it inside is killing me
'Cause all I ever want, it comes right down to you, to you
I wish that I could find the words to say
Baby I would tell you every time you leave
I'm inconsolable.."

p/s:i'm gonna be home soon...soon... =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

*the sentimental one*

i was supposed to be studying for my upcoming exam this friday,but i juz can;t seem to concentrate..btw,i'm in uni..yup!studying in uni's abacus lab..lolz..its a 24 hours lab anyway,an hour plus into studyin,my mind started to wander and im sitting in front of the computer..and with an totally empty mind,i opened microsoft word and simply started typing stuffs..the result?

"My whole life, it seems
I've spent only waiting
For the perfect woman
My mind's always painting

I've searched and searched
But the end's all alike
I'll go to bed empty
Sleep alone for the night

Suddenly, my hopes grow limp
My portrait fades to bland
I realize that my search must end
There is no perfect woman

But you proved me wrong
You showed me what's right
And handed back that paintbrush
To paint again tonight

But there is no need to paint
My work is nearly done
Because of her the colors returned
The light of love has won

My whole life of waiting
Has someone to end my strife
My dream has been accomplished:
The portrait came to life"

those who know me might feel that this isnt mine..but well,it aint mine came from my mind..and to whom its dedicated to?i guess,thats a question that doesnt need answering..

have a nice day ppl..

p/s:you taught me how to love,but i'm glad that u never taught me how to stop and everything that i understood,i understand it cuz i love and being love. =)

Sunday, September 16, 2007


i love this picture..doesn't it shows the truth when we seem to be studying?some may agree some may not,but for me..i definitely agree!! =)

*courtesy of desmond*

p/s:stil missing u much..muacks.. =)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

*the update(the long awaited version)

hey guys..sorry i've been going M.I.A this past few months with no updates on my blog..i'm really sorry but things has been going very very busy for me this few days(or rather months)..sorry peeps..

well,life's good here..everything's ok..summer's approaching,winter's leaving,and so is the exams and the assignments dateline..btw,juz a lil small update,got a job,got hurt in the process,went to the beach for the 1st time since i got here,am really broke and best of all,missing my dear..

well,if i were to put it in words,it would take thousands and thousands of words(maybe hundreds of thousands) and those who knows me well,theywould know that i ain't that hardworking,am i?since they say that pictures paint a thousand words,we shall let it be alrite?

Images From Perth

Ever tried playing soccer in a big field in M'sia at 3pm in the afternoon?i might try that when i get back..anybody wanna tag along?

thats me..tell me if i'm i getting better looking or its just me??juz kidding.. =)

A corvette i saw..

At the Cannington Dog-race stadium..

The three housemates;adrian,sean,clement..

Perth road is so clear that u can juz cam whore while lying on the road..try doing that in Heritage Rd at 3am?

A nite view of the city from Harbour Town(shopping centre)

A cute adorable puppy saw at the Pet Shop..

A nite view from the esplanade busport

The stamp for Rise..a clubbing place in North Bridge

Do u know that u can juz have a riot and its legal?You will even have police escort..wat bout that?try doing that in M'sia?ur a dead meat.!

A pint of Hoegaarden beer.Lily,i heard ur dying for it??

A lakeview on the bus on the way to work..

My work place.Garden City

BB boo,remember the pigeons i told u about?=)..

The MU official huh?

Check out this number plate i saw..damn nice wei!!

Louis Vuitton

This is a Hummer,every1 knows that..

This is the long body of a limo,every1 can see that...

wat do you get when u add both?


and this.. =)

A fan cheong(in cantonese) holding a cheong(againin cantonese)

Sean n Shook Yee..

oh btw,during the weekends the housemates(sean,clement,me,shook yee except johann and ken)took a ride to Cottesloe

here are the pictures..

the beach upon arrival..

another on the beach..

Thats Shook Yee and Wan Rou(sorry i duno how to spell)

and yours truly..

Thats the four of them(Clement,Shook Yee,Wan Rou,Sean) and behind them in an unknown building in the middle of the beach..

Thats the Poserbuoy..

Thats the four of them washing their feet..

and thats ketod chin(internal joke) and shook yee..

The male version of Titanic: The Brokeback that sunk the ship..

I Believe I Can Fly

The Three Hunks..

and the back view..

Somehow or rather,i feel i got better!

Sean and Wan Rou..her feet was dirty and she didnt wanna dirty her heels with the sands on the feet.

We stil managed to stop for a pose b4 adjourning to the ice cream shop..

Pose #2

The pig and his ice cream,and yes...its still winter..

Wan Roe and hers..

The Three buddies..

The final pic of the beach b4 the bye bye..

and now,as they say..u always save the best for last..and these are the best..

thats the latest photo i have of do i look??

The person that holds my heart

and the one that i miss the most..

dear,i juz wish i could be back there in ur arms,right where i belong..i've been missing u very very much and i juz cant seem to stop thinking of u..thank u for the sunshine that u sent me..and i hope there's more coming on the way..hahhaha..missing u bb..

one of the moments i miss spending with you..loving u always..

ok those whom has been pestering for an update,here it is..thats the best i can do since i got really lazy..enjoy it..and for the next update?dun ask..u dun wanna know..bye bye!!

p/s:have a nice day..