Friday, June 22, 2007

*the beautiful month*(continuation)*

the previous post with the same title was written b4 we both met up to celebrate our 1st month anniversary..many might think that 1 month anniversary isnt sumthing big to shout about but to us,its a totally different story..wats different?for the guys,put urself in my shoes and for the girls,put urself in hers..u'll understand why..(hint:i'll be leaving for aust. soon.reall soon..)

wat did we do?we first met up in the evening when i took her for dinner at dome together wif my aunt and parents..b4 that,i act ordered a bouquet of roses for her(light pink in colour)..she loved it and i love the fact that she;s happy wif it...we went for a movie after dinner;fantastic 4:rise of the silver surfer;which was act a great show compared to the previous version...i enjoyed it..but i enjoy looking at her thruout the movie.. ;P

after that we adjourned to williams where we had a very "wonderful" pasta,milo and ribena..all for 20 bucks!shud have gone to murni..fuck man!!!there goes my twenty bucks up up into the skies..=/

bb,like i said earlier,its been a wonderful one month and wif time passing so quickly,i wish i could have longer time to spend here..i am sure gonna miss u around when i'm there but Bb,rest assured that no matter how far the both of us may be,we will never be i said,my heart is with u and it will always remain there..

love u loads Bb...happy anniversary.. =)

*couple of the year??* =)

*the beauty of my life,the lady i meant!!*

*isn't she sweet??she's mine btw..hands off!!* xP

*this was sumthing i got for hers ages ago but forgotten to post..cupcakes and tiramisu from miss read for gf makes better tiramisu!serious!!no jokes!!

p/s:i'm sorry =)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

*the beautiful month**

its been a month since we both got together,and for me to tell u how wonderful and special it has been,i juz cant..words cant describe how i felt and how much i loved
every single moment of it..

may 21st,it month passed,we are stil so into each other..lolzz...i know...its damn emo but stil,thats the way it is..

for someone to love me,it would take a whole lot of courage and also patience(keshy would certainly agree to that..)..and she has taken it far,i cant find a single thing to complain..thank god for sending her from up above and thanks B...for being my angel,my special one,my love,caring for me when i needed u,being there when i needed someone to talk and listen to,help me out when i was down and keep me going strong when i was weak..

its the best one month i ever had..*enuff said*

love u B..thanx for everything and the greatest one month.. =)

*some pictures to give ur eyes a good time.. =)*

*the first pic that we took together.. =)*before things happened*

autofiesta v.3

*an angel sent from heaven*

*thats her thats herr!!!* =)

*the first pic that we took together.. =)*after it happened*

*bb,remember the caramel pudding?? =)*

*a beautiful bouquet*

*for the 1st time in my life i'm actually drying my gf's hair.i dun even bother bout mine.. lol..*

*the hands that shall never be separated;in our hearts,minds,soul*

*in my car*

on the way going sumwhere..

*queuing up for "men in white*stooopid show*"*

*sweeeeeeetttt =)*

*lecka lecka =)*

swim time!!!!

*after swim in the clubhouse*

*stress but still can smile =) love u loads..*

*everybody go "awwwwwwww*smile*"*


*cutie pie..lolz..*she's so gonna murder me.. xP*

*cuddling up*

*in her house*

*my favourite picture of all!*

*the sweetest thing* =)

the end =)..thanx for enjoying the show.. =)
love u loads B...

p/s:to those who ar wondering why are there more pictures than words,its because pictures paint a thousand words.. =)

Pp/s:the best one month of my life =)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

*exams update*

1st up: Finance 201
-i thought it would be a bitch,but it was a cruise instead..thanx to all those ppl whom taught me everything i needed to know..

2nd-ly: Econs(Market) 203
-this i thought was the bitch of all was i to know ecotech was even worst..

3rd:Stats 101
-this paper,thanx to some last minute studying,to thee khye,ing ing(i hope i spell it rite..?),jason and alan,i managed to breeze thru it =)

4th up tomoro: Ecotech 201
-preparing for it was a bitch,imagine sitting for it..

fuck exams..all we need is less of exams,more of assignments and lotsa love..especially from my u B..muacks..

juz for memories..

this is us..

and us again.. ( sweet =) )

and juz us.. =)

its time for my pics to appear then..juz in case u ppl here missed having me around,i hope looking at my picture would be sufficient

me for the finale..=)

Monday, June 18, 2007


i juz realised that i havent been updating my blog for more than amonth now..dun blame me..i've been busy preparing for my exams..I'M SERIOUS!!doubt me??ok fine!!yes i admit..i've been spending time wif my beloved charzylicious.. =)

things are getting sweeter n more beautiful for us..without us realising,its been almost a month now..and from the way the both of us feel,we feel like we;ve been together for ages..its gonna be exactly a month from now that i'll be leaving here to further my studies down be exact,Perth Australia.

exams so far has been a i shud breeze thru it,but for econs(market) i think the only way for me to pass that blardy paper is that it sumhow lose itself sumwhere and i'll be given a pass due to the guilty feeling that the examiner has.. =)

so far,visa checked.medical stil waiting,luggages stil not bought yet,let alone attires and stuffs..accomodation,stil pending..god!!i so am nto ready to leave..

i'm gonna miss these places,despite all the shits and bitching i've been saying bout it,i'm stil gonna miss it anyhow..the ppl here,the place,the environment,and most importantly,my bunch of MMEC brothers,those ppl in coll whom i have had much sweet memories with,Rack Cafe,the ppl there,my pool buddies,my family here..and not forgetting,my special one,charlotte..

baby,thanx for making my time here a beautiful and sweet one..god knows wat i would have done without u and god knows,where i would be..cuz of u i soared higher into the skies,i'm stronger than who i thought i really was,believe in myself more than i ever did and became a better person that i thought i would..

thanx for everything...thanx for being here in my now beautiful u B..thanx for everything.. =)

bb,watch till its done(refer to above graphics)..loving u more and more each u B..missing u loads.. =)

Sunday, June 3, 2007

*happily loving*

its been weeks since we got together,and things seems to be going stronger for the both of us..time spent wif her although short,it has been memorable and beautiful..time thats left for the both of us to spend b4 i leave for perth seems to be getting shorter and shorter but like i promised her,every moment will be more memorable the the previous..

we went for a movie on friday night..caught up wif orlando bloom,johnny depp and also keira knightly in cineleisure..her sis was supposed to join us but she had other plans in mystique.anyway,it was fun,the movie i meant,so did the company i had thru out the entire movie..out of ten?i'll give it 8.5..a 3 hours movie is juz too long and too hard to handle..

she's rite now in genting catching the sally yeh be precise,sitting in starbucks wif her sis sipping down her caramel hot chocolate..even though i've been msg and calling her the entire day,my mind juz cant seem to put her aside..i guess,thats wat love is all about..

i remember a saying that goes,i came i saw i conquered..same goes here for her..she came,she saw,and she conquered..thanx for finding me..can never imagine life without you..ur amazing and truly one in a you loads..!!

the special,loving angel of mine =) loving u always..