Tuesday, January 30, 2007

juz another worst day of my life..

i woke up this morning knowing that i'll have one assignment done and with another 2 more to go..like i said in my earlier posts,i havent been feeling good or rather feeling myself lately and this was juz sumthing that i looked forward too in weeks..

upon arrival in coll,i was rather good.chilling,tired as usual and so on..until i called sean..he told me that our CB assignment was due at 9.30am and the time then was 9.14..isnt that a great start to a day??the best thing was that my assignment was with another group mate of mine and he was juz leaving his house..isnt it like the most "beautiful" day ever?? =)

after all those commotion,i found out that almost all my classmates didnt know that at all.did she mentioned to us?i duno but i for one didnt heard her..if 1 was wrong,its acceptable..but wat if the whole class is wrong?who's mistake could it be then??i dont know..all i know i was beyond boiling point..i was juz about to shout at someone who crosses my path..

alvin was here around 9.20..great..10 minutes to work on everything including printing,binding,correcting,burning into cd,and handing up to her..great!from a race to complete the assignment till a race against time to hand it to her!a particular group member whom was already very "helpful" enuff thru out the whole duration of the assignment,didnt make matter any worst by complaining and commenting..basically nothing but bullshit came out of this particular person's mouth.i juz wished i could stuff all the soil from the ground and into this person's mouth.i asked this person to bind the blardy assignment she came back with it stapled and taped..when asked why wasnt it bind she told me that this was another type of binding.i was so pissed i didnt say a single word the whole day.

going into CB class,i thought things would start to get a least a lil' better.how was i to know i was jus to about to be hit wif another great news..guess wat..remember my previous post on how i did badly for my CBtest 1,i did badly alrite..how does 9/30 sound to u?fuck man!enuff of being sarcastic already!i juz wana let it all out now..

fuck Ian for making the test farking hard,fark the world and those ppl who created assignments,fuck also those people who made my life a blardy "beautiful" one this past couple of weeks and also screw the bitch that made completion of my group assignment a living hell!off to hell this bunch of peeps!

best of all,one of the lowest in class and my hopes of passing this blardy paper hang in the balance..god bless me man!bless me hard.really really hard!!!

with the group assignment handed up,i have only the individual and the MCQ exam to pull my marks way up to pass..that really made my day man!at least i had a consolation.my individual CB exam dateline was pushed to the 5th of may..giving me an additional 2 days to do it..

other than tat,life's been a total hell....macro assignment only has a head and no body yet..and was supposed to do it together but abandoned and now i have to do it alone..thanx..now i've to start hunting references from the net,library and have to start reading aussie biz week and times magz juz to fulfill wat she asked us to do during tutorials besides the prescribed text..

anyway,went for MMEC meeting today and presented my proposals and all and i realised several mistake were made..and i;ve gotta alter them b4 handing it in.there;s juz too much to do wif so lil time..i wonder if i can pass both the subjects i'm taking wif all these workloads that is haunting me..i need a break..if possible now..i cant take it any longer.life's juz isnt the way i expeected it to be..

with all the problems i'm facing,sean asked me to read sumthing off his frenster profile which he claims will be able to help me in a way or two..here's how it goes..before u read it,plz understand and contemplate on it..it will help u if u truly read it with ur heart and not ur eyes..thanx sean..god bless.. =)

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianne Williamson

p/s:i wish things would go better for me in these coming weeks..*fingers crossed*

Monday, January 29, 2007

another lame post...

title already speaks for itself once again..assignments after assignments,sleepless nites replaces another and my body has already lodged a complaint on the lack of sleep and rest that its experiencing..am i to be blamed???i dunt know..all i do is to juz force a smile off my face while writing this.. =)

CB groupie done,two more to go and both happen to due this friday..so much to do,yet so lil time..heck!isnt this always the case??once again,a smile come upon me.i realised this few days i happened to smile more than i did weeks before..wat happened i do not know..so dunt question.maybe my "period" has just passed..so anyway..assignments has been has been the bitch of summer,and the fact that my finals is just 2 weeks away doesnt help..i shud consider myself lucky knowing that i did get an extended dateline on our assignments..but stil it doesnt help..

listening to move along by the all american rejects juz made me smile a lil more due to the fact that its one of my favourites..next comes akon smack that..that song juz reminds me of marco and sean's experience at ruums watching akon's performance last monday..as much as i wanted to be there,i couldnt..reason?i forgotten..

the thins is that i'm supposed to be working on my econs assignment but i've been doing nothing but slacking around.the best things is that i havent even started on my CB individual assignment.points are there,the only problem is the elaboration part.i'm juz to lazy and my brains refused to co-operate..isnt that "wonderful"???

falling sick has been on my body's agenda since last thursday.and my anti-body seems to be working hand-in-hand with it..not bad.at least i know i have a very "co-operative"body system.isnt that worth celebrating?mr fever dropped by together wif ms flu on thursday.dr sore throat dropped by on friday,so did mr headache and mrs running nose..it was more of like a "reunion party" for all the common sickness and the venue happened to be my body..mr fever,miss flu,mr. headache all left for another "reunion" sumother place yesterday..mrs running nose however decided to stay wif mr. sore throat to have sum chit chat and chilling around.. =)

so brains cant think for nuts,ideas aint pouring in,lecturers arent much of a help,and i'm really sleepy.put me in the gardens of the coll and i can all asleep instantenously..anybody wanna tag along??all u need is sleepiness and a sleeping bag if u need 1.other than that,chaoz..

schuks!!i have a musical meeting later at 5.30,online discussion at 10 and then an assignment due tomoro..not bad..i feel like a celebrity.with all those tight busy schedule and all..=) not bad..it feels "great"...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

the year in review-2006

August 2006

-the C&S day went on,and was used as CSO's way of pulling talented ppl(like yours truly) into CSO and also to promote waikiki nite.. =)

our very very colourful, "hawaiian" waikiki nite banner

yan yee,miracole,diane and also our very own metropolitan "brochure girl!",president of RSO,april siao

the thespians in a slumber mood. jacqz,anita,jin li,marco(the President) and sean(the VP)

the President and the Peace

yours truly =) isnt that cute???wuaaahahahahah!!

check out that ride..MMEC's booth wif the modified BMW 3 series..thats scorching H-O-T man!!

thespian's in the butt-selling sale..thats fatty d,the VP and the sooperstar

-waikiki(orientation) nite finally came and ended with a big big bang

pic's a lil blur but thats diane and also yen sze poolerbuoy and miracole,before the "electrocuted" hair came into the picture.. =P

pomelo vee and papaya mel yee yee when she first came to metro!! =) part of the crowd

this is so so soooo sooooo wrongLeft to right:Kailash,bee chee,leena,mindy,ronald,vern yang,botak keshy and also anita! =) does this fella look familiar??look carefully =) wat bout him??he does look REALLY familiar doesnt he?? hmmmmm =)

yours truly caught in the act.. =P

yan yee,bee chee and diane

the end of a wonderful,truly amazing and rendezvous nite =)

and also the I-challenge day happened in this month..

me n nicole..also way b4 the drastic change =P

i know..and btw,that isnt camwhore..its juz appreciation of a god given gift

dance club:jacqz,jin li,denise

MSC's very own ice-god-knows-wat seller =)
posers and more posers of CSO..

part of the planners =)

the year in review-2006

July 2006
-beginning of sem 2 in metro..and also the beginning of the planning for our cso-rso's waikiki nite

waikiki nite banner made by CSO-RSO.. =)..so yea..nothing much to post other than a few camwhore pic..hehhehehehe...

seany boy,kinky boy,thor joe hock and oso poolerbuoy

yours trulyand oh ya!aunty cynthia went off to aussie!!missed her loads ="(

aunty cynthia and me at the airport.. ="(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

*juz another blank,lame post..*

sitting here in the computer lab pondering wat i shall do next..for the record,i screwed up my CB test 1 this morning and has been feeling all shitty since then.not that it happened today,i've had this feeling for weeks..have u guys ever had the feeling that all of the sudden,u lose ur appetite to eat;u feel that ur body's feeling so tired that u can juz even lay on the hot,burning tar roads and juz lay down to sleep instantenously;u feel that no matter wat u do,u stil cant force that smile off ur face even if the funniest thing happened rite in front of ur eyes..?

ppl has been telling me that i wasnt the same old person i was or the person i used to be the last time.they say i've changed,and frankly,i dun need ppl to tell me that..i know it myself.i felt i wasnt the old me,i wasnt the adrian that ppl used to know.i'm juz a totally new me like i wasnt myself anymore..is it a good sign or the other way round?

my mind hasnt been working well lately,crumbling under the intense pressure of the coll's summer course;my body has been lately pushed to the limits to where it can only sleep only several hours a day;my eyes has been swollen that it has been smaller than it used to be;my heart doing things not as dedicated as i used to be;my mouth and throat juz refuses to make as much noise/stupid remarks/silly jokes/debate as it used to do and my legs and knees juz refuses to carry me around..

life has been nothing but trouble for me lately.these troubles aint those that u can put it behind u,walk away and then pretend and live life like it never happened..these are things that no matter how hard i try,i cant seem to put it away,let alone walk over it.its juz too tough to even face it..a fren once told me,ignorance is bliss..shud i follow his advice or shud follow wat a wiseman once said,"by facing the problems that u encounter,ur taking another step towards becoming a more perfect person.."???

time's juz slipping away from me and it aint gonna come back.i'm just to mentally exhausted to even continue life rite now,dun say physically..i juz hope that watever remain of me will be good enuff to keep me alive,to survive the brutality of the problems that life is throwing to me rite now..

*I knew*
I knew your dreams
Because we used to talk
For hours at a time.
I knew your friendship
Because you were always there
When I needed your comfort.
I knew your pain
Because you trusted me enough
To share your past with me.
I knew your fears
Because you helped me
To see that mine were the same.
I knew what was important to you
Because you were always
So honest with me.
I knew your goals
Because I felt the enthusiasm
In your words when you talked of them.
I knew your guidance
Because you patiently explained
The things I didn't understand.
I knew your heart
Because I saw right into it
And felt it a part of my own.
I knew your honor
Because you let me go
When I fell in love with you.
And I knew your love
Because you wouldn't let me dream
of us being together...

Monday, January 8, 2007

the year in review-2006

June 2006
-my first finals at metropolitan..and also metroball!the best prom ever managed and organized by the coolest bunch ever!

nick,sean,me and derek!

sean,me and joe "THOR JOE HOCK BY NITE" hock sean and i

me n jacqz

thor joe hock and super-marc

cyanide sylph

me n mrs phuah who dropped by for a visit.. =)...and i also had the pool party!!wif my bunch of goodies frens!!!they had the time of their life,so did i!so yea!!!woooohoo!!sean,how did it feel to be the first to devirginised the pool?? =)

the makan makan time

the international sign language

the main group of people who were there.

the all males cast of baywatch:metropolitan college beaches

the year in review-2006

May 2006
-this was kinda the month!many things happened..
-firstly AutoFiesta v.2 happened

The "engineers" behind v2

the integra-the car that i drool over

look at the guy in orange..VP Sean,does he look familiar?

-also did the nutcases that went nut in uncle lim's sunway pyramid..

Jacqz birthday was also on this month and the photos are here as well..

birthday girl togehter wif kinky tim,poolerbuoy and also say-no-evil seanthe birthday cakethe after effect

the year in review-2006

April 2006
-nothing much happened in this month..oh ya..this was the month where i met aunty cynthia..sean decided to enter the mr. metroball competition and also had to do this talent show thingy..so yea..

the year in review-2006

March 2006
-my first month at metropolitan..well,things went kinda fun.i met few great buddies in sean phuah,marco,tim and al the ever joking and fun joe.
at biggie joe's house studying-the effect of studying too much

the pose of the s0o-perstar

Derek and cody

the four musketeers-denise's bF,kinky danker,big big joe,yours truly =)

..not forgetting those ppl like sean low and the rest..to those i didnt mentioned,i'm really sorry and it wasnt intentional..i'm really sorry..i also met up wif vincet(goo-goo),adrian,mun hoe and also my ah muiz(jacqz) up for seafood dinner..jin li was supposed to come along but unfortunately she had food poisoning..hahahha..

at my house after dinner