Friday, May 2, 2008

*Tricky tricks*

check out this new song from Liang, one of Malaysia's top singer-emcee-bachelor-everything new video and his song titled `tricks'.here's the video.btw,got my hand on the new GTR the other day at the Perth coming up next in few days..till then..

oh!i found this!check this out!its nice and hillarious!

Friday, April 25, 2008


sharylynna foo!i proudly announced to you that i have finally found you pictures.i found them actually in my blog from the mmec ipoh's the link to the here..\\\and for the photos with you actually being it those links below..

picture 1,
picture 2,

*spamming sharyl*

spamming has never been so fun!lolz!lil,sharyl and me totally enjoyed and experienced a whole new world of spamming.lynnz!after all those complaint u totally loved us for doing that rite!lolz.for those who dun understand,click here.

basically,it wasn't my idea at was a suggestion by me and approved and sanctioned by lily!so its not ENTIRELY my fault thou i wrote more.the reason is that becuz i din want sharyl to feel so left out.lolz.thats y..lolz.sharyl,ur a classis.same to u lily.lolz..have fun guys.wat sharyl say is rite.blogging has never been so fun! =)

p/s:spamming has never been so fun,especially if spamming on sharylynna foo!!!lolz..cheers! =)

pp/s:i will always love you,sorry bout last nite.. =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was browsing thru youtube for some songs that i used to have(old hard disk on my laptop crashed and had to get a new one,which resulted in all my stuffs gone) and i came across this song titled "stand" by rascal flatts.upon hearing this song,i immediately flashed back to wat keshy said on my c-box the other day and i made me realised the thru meaning of this song and wat he was trying to say.thanks kesh for waking me up.anyway,here's the video for the song and the chorus included..have fun guys,have a nice day and cheers! =)

‘Cause when push comes to shove
You taste what you’re made of
You might bend ‘til you break

‘Cause it’s all you can take

On your knees you look up

Decide you’ve had enough

You get mad, you get strong

Wipe your hands, shake it off

Then you stand, then you stand..

p/s:i love you,always and forever will.. =)

(L-R[2nd photo]: Kesh Bhai,Eddy,JD,Khyez,Jason,Fatty D,Marv,Yours Truly,Lil,Cheryl,Kwang from Klang,Kinky Tim,Benson(&Hedges))

pp/s:i miss those bunch of arseholes above.. =)

*sickness is in the air*

i hate being sick!it makes you feel like shit,and also practically grumpy and bad mood all day long.sore and swollen throat,fever,flu,headache,cough and phlegm all attacking you at the same time.isnt that wonderful?i think it me sickBUOY!

btw,remember years ago the pope had a meeting wif president bush?well,the pope was so pissed off with him that he never scheduled another meeting with bush anymore.proof?look below..

p/s:i love you..=)


The following story was written without any harm or discomfort or any inconvenience planned on anybody in this world.Blondes excepted.just kidding.enjoy the story of a blonde in her normal everyday life conversation.A brunette woman goes into the dr.'s office.

She tells the Dr. : "It hurts all over my body."

He says: "point to where it hurts".

She points to her shoulder and yells "OUCH!".

She then points to her hip and yells "OUCH!".

Finally she points to her knee and screams in pain "OUCH!!!".

The Dr. asks her "Are you a true blonde and dyed your hair brown?"

She says: "yes, how did you know"?

He answers: "YOU HAVE A BROKEN FINGER!!!".

cheers! =)

p/s:i love you. =)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*the best shot ever*

i've seen lots of shot by professional pool players all over the world,local and overseas but nothing,and i really mean nothing can beat these two shots that i saw a long time ago.the reason why i'm only posting it rite now is becuz there's nothing else for me to post..

a shot by corey deuel,a run out from a difficult rack and also a very very beautiful fluke that led to the next amazing shot.fluke on #3 happened on time 1.28 and the great shot i saw happened on the next it..

the next shot is a shot by the one and only living legend of the game,efren reyes of the closely and u'll understand why..

those two are the biggest name in pool arena rite wonder everyone wants to be like them..lolz..thats all for now..btw guys,metropolitan college is having their autofiesta v.4 soon,in approx 16 days..check their website and then make sure ur there!!

p/s:mmec boys,u guys are certainly doing a fucking great job and i'm god-damn sure that it will be a spectacular show!cheers to u guys and all the best!

pp/s:i will always love you.. =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i finally know wats the meaning and the feeling of being alone on your own in a world which you dont belong and at a place you are not meant to be.friends?wat's the real definition of friends?according to dictionary,a friend would be defined as,someone who is not an enemy and whom you can trust.i trust everyone around me,but its not the other way round.i have ppl that i take my frens,ppl i thought i could depend on when i need them,ppl whom i offered help and also helped whenever they needed me to,but these are also the ppl that did not bother to help me whenever i needed them,ppl that backstabbed me whenever they get a chance to,ppl that treat me like shit and never care till they need me to help them.would this be defined as fren??

in this world,lets not talk about best frens.if u have one thats good.if u dont,stop searching..cuz u never will be able to find one.ppl tend to take one another for granted.these ppl dunt understand that there are stil ppl like me that really care for them..all these ppl know how to do is to take advantage of front of you,they pretend like you are the best frens they ever had,pretend like you are better than anyone else..but once u turn ur back,the back stabbing starts.whenever they get a chance to stab u in the back,they will fully utilise every single moment they are front of their other frens,they treat you like shit becuz ur not from where his/her other frens are from,or not as rich or as good as them or watever..i mean wtf man!ur juz someone like me..look at urself in the fucking mirror b4 ever stab me in the back man.

i;m getting sick and tired of this place,the ppl around me and the things happening around me..i'm sick of it..ppl whom i thought would have been my best frens here never was,those that i stayed up late to help complete assignments,those that i brought along to places,those that i laughed and played and drank and rage al nite long with..guys,fuck off...i lived without you once,and i see no reason why i cant continue doing that..

p/s:you KNOW who i'm talking about..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

*its time to quit*

i'm gonna quit while i'm ahead..time spent with you has been memorable and somewhat sweet and beautiful..i'm sorry but from now onwards,i'm gonna have to leave you have always been one of my closest companion matter where i went or wat i do,you would always be with me..wherever,whenever,however,u'll always be with me..i'm sorry but i have to make u another chapter in the history of my life..take care..there will still be others in this world that can treat u better..i'm sorry..good bye..

p/s:from now onwards,i will put in 200% on my effort to quit smoking..plz support me..i really mean it..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

*the regret..*

i regret leaving metropolitan college..i sincerely admit that i regret the fact that i left metro juz to come to perth..i missed out on so many things there..the fact that i couldnt say goodbye to few of my best friends in metro with shikin and anita a few to be named..i wish them luck in their new place(sorry for it being belated) and hopefully(and definitely) you guys will be happier in the new environment..we will miss you and i certainly do.

i cant be bothered doing anything rite now,and the fact that i cant sleep wouldnt help so i decided to go online and search for sumthing..and i found this.

IS THAT MARCO SOO!!!??omg!that made me missed metro even more..hahaha..all those funny shits that has been going on really killing me with humour!omg!!!help1!i juz cant stop watching it..lolzguys!check it out!NOW!!