Sunday, December 31, 2006

A day where bad meets good

ok..i was supposed to drop my parents off at westport cuz they were supposed to be taking a cruise to and fro singapore for the new year in which i did..then i headed down to my usual hang out place i was slowly breezing through the empty road of kesas highway,i was already thinking of my freedom d..wuahahha!no more late night lectures and also "counselling"!yup!such was the was i to know that it was to crumble into pieces and even bits after juz 15 minutes..

how,wat and where?ok..this is the story..i was at the roundabout outside metro and coming from the summit way,and in order for me to go rack,i have to take the 12 'o clock lane..fine..i was on the left lane,there was this honda civic on my right hand side..we were both the first car on our respective lanes..fine..i saw coast clear,wanna turn.the moment i step on accelerator,huah!!!!!!as i jalan,i saw her car bang into mine..i honk that b**** like hell!!!and then we stop in front of sri kl!!the moment i got down and take a look at my damage,my mind was"ok!there goes the freedom of two years,allowance of decades and also lectures that will be longer than my coll"!then i saw this aunty come out of the car..the first thing she said after checking damages on both car,"Is it ur fault or my fault ar??i duno laa..!!"

F*** O** b****!!!MCHKNNTLLMGH!!!!of couz its ur god damned fault..i didnt bang into u!u banged into me for god's sake!where the hell do u put ur brains?up ur ass or in ur intestines?or wait!!do you have one in the first place?it seems like u dont!if u have one,why the hell would u bother to ask me that stupid question??!wtf is wrong wif u!!?!?!omfg!!i told her in a nice.sarcastic way "aunty i didnt bang into ur car,u bang into mine and my car has like way more damages than wif a bit of common sense can u plz figure out if its ur fault or mine?"conversation goes on like diz...

aunty:r u sure its my fault ar?
poolerbuoy:of couz!i didnt bang into u,u banged into me(how many F****** time u wan me to repeat this sentence!?!??!)

aunty:are u sure ur not bluffing me or not young man?u didnt see my car turning meh??

poolerbuoy:i was looking at the traffic,and u shud be doing the same thing too!when i move,ur car juz suddenly turn to the right and bang into my car!so is it ur fault or not?and trust me,i dun bluff ppl like u!(in other words,ur too stupid to be bluffed and a total waste of time!ur not 20,ur not sexy,ur not hot,and ur too old!use brains laa..bluff u for f***s ar!?!?!!)

aunty:i didnt know,maybe i turn too right becuz i wasnt paying attention to ur car.i was having a short quarrel wif my maybe i didnt noticed!like diz la.u pay ur own damages and i pay it ok?fair?!?!?!

poolerbuoy:(fuck off laa bitch!do i give a damn about u having a quarrel wif ur daughter?u can have sex and incest wif her for all i care!for fucks ar u tell me u had a quarrel wif ur daughter and u didnt NOTICED my car?stupid ar!u blardy retarded!!expecting some sympathy?fuck off la!![the * sign was removed cuz the writer decided that this aunty do not deserved the censoring!]and u stil got the guts to ask me to pay for my own damages and ask me if its fair for me!?!?!?!!omfg!come on la!did the incident traumatised u ar?did it in the process damaged ur brains?)of couz its not fair,u banged into me and i think it wasnt my fault at all..and i know u would agree it isnt my fault..correct or not?so i wont agree...(at this point,i was at the boiling limit..!)

aunty:then how u wanna settle?

poolerbuoy:u pay for the damages that u caused la!!if not how orr aunty?

aunty(got freaked out by my loud voice):like diz la.i go back and talk to my husband and we exchange contact,and i'll contact u after that it ok?we settle it this way temporarily..

poolerbuoy:gimme ur ic number oso in the process..

aunty:why u needd my ic?u dun trust me is it?dun worry..aunty wont run away wan..

poolerbuoy:sorry but i really dunt trust juz gimme ur ic number plz...(being blunt juz to gik sei her abit..and yes!of couz i scared u'll run!!aunty!trust u!!!??!?!u think i 4 years old ar?!?!?)

aunty:oklor..then u take down my number and then u take down my ic..i dun think i'll need ur ic cuz i think u need it more than me..

poolerbuoy:(was that confession?readers,analyse and let me know ya..?)ok..

aunty:then i'll give u a call later..

then the exchange was made and yea..we carry on..i went to racks after that and then to SJBA to pick my brother up from camp..then met so many ppl there,hugs,and talks..then around 4+,i got a call from aunty...

aunty:hello adrian,this is j**** here..

poolerbuoy:yea i know.i got ur number..

aunty:yea..i wanna tell u..u know juz now i was supposed to send my daughter for an appointment during the accident..then when i dropped my daughter who was sitting next to me,the door cannot open..and when i consulted my husband,he say that if the door cannot open,that means u bang into me,and not i bang into u..

poolerbuoy:excuse me!u wanna talk about the incident again?ok..lets talk COMMON SENSE!how can i bang u when i,who was on the left lane,and u on the middle lane,wanted to turn right?i wasnt turning to the can i turn to the right when the roundabout was following clockwise?aunty,wif a bit of common sense,we can avoid all this stupid arguement..

aunty:but then(hears sum commotion at the background..)...wait ar.u talk to my husband..

poolerbuoy:ok..lets hear him..

uncle:hello..adrian.listen,i think it isnt my wife fault cuz if her door cannot open its a result of someone banging into i think it isnt my wife's fault and its ur fault..

poolerbuoy:(getting sick and tired of all the shits)uncle,u werent there how would u know?u only listen and stand on ur wife's side,understandbly becuz she's ur wife..but then again,can u plz use a bit of common sense and then let me know,how can i who was on the left lane,and u on the middle lane,wanted to turn right?i wasnt turning to the can i turn to the right when the roundabout was following clockwise?plz uncle..understand and use abit of imagination..

uncle:nvm..from the way i see it,u dun wanna settle,if u dun wanna settle,then we report police la..

poolerbuoy:its not i dun wanna settle,its u who is in the wrong,pushing all the responsibilities to if u wanna report police,go ahead..its not my fault and i believe that it will all come my way..

uncle:then how u wanna settle?nvm..where are u now?i come over and see ur car and you face to face then we decide..

poolerbuoy:ok..(gives him direction and waited...

about 15 minutes later he arrived...

uncle:ur adrian is it?


uncle:ok..lets do it this way..i'm a very busy businessman,and on a very tight schedule i not gonna argue wif u,u wait for my phone call..i'll talk to my mechanic..and see if he's open on the 2nd.if not then 3rd..u go to his workshop and i'll pay for everything..ok?cuz i very busy and i dunt wanna waste time arguing..

poolerbuoy:(bastard.u feel guilty say u feel guilty la!dun wanna admit is it?!babi!juz say "its my fault and i'm sorry"..settle lor! fuck i care about ur tight schedule..!stupid!) ok la..but dun worry i'll give u a call b4 u can even call me..

uncle:ok..wait for my call..(gets into car and drove off..!)

wat the fuck is wrong wif ppl nowadays?!!duno how to say they are sorry ar!?!??!stupid ar!?!?!babi!!obviously its ur fault and stil wanna blame me!fuck off la!!ok..continuing on wif my day...

after that i dropped my bro off and then head off to rack to meet sean so that we can go to carol's place together..then we left around 7..ken lim and his gf in a car,and few others in another car..sean was in my car...then we reached around 8..upon arrival,leena saw me and then started chasing me around carols house becuz i didnt tell her i was coming and she had to take train to cheras..i was like is it my fault?how was i supposed to know u were coming??hahaa..but then again,next time laa..then we had makan..alot of ppl were there..ex-metro and also current metro..cynthia came back!(makcik betul!),elaine,and other ppl from perth,sean.ken,and other of their hotshot gang,ronald,few ex-metro,leena,mindy,kailash,tze min(she was there early to help carol..)and also few others i didnt know la..met maxine(nice meeting ya! =) )..and yea,ignore watever tze min told u alrite amxine?

so then since it was carol's 21st birthday,we decided to "tui" her maximum and make her drunk..came out chivas..wuahahahha!!carol kena kau kau from us..*sorry carol =) *haha..lucky for us,she was stil sane and stable enuff to blow and cut the birthday cake..the cake was humoungus!!!it was huge!!omg..and it was SWEEEETTTT!!! =) thanx for the very very extremely wonderful cake carol!!!*muaxxx!!*it was a secret recipe cake and it was mango delight!wooohhooo!!!sweet!!!!hahha..i had like so much cake and i wanted more and more..!!hahahhaa..thanx again carol!

after that cake cutting we decided to "tui" her again and this time worst..after all that around 11+,she decided to open her present..hahhaa..she got like damn alot of things but all ladies stuff..sean,me and the rest decided to get her a doraemon..haha..after that,elaine cynthia and her gang all left..leaving sean,me,maxine,tze min,nick and carol..hahahaha..we were bored till carol brought out her laptop and she said she wanted to show ur sum pole-dancing!!i was like carol!its ok..nvm..i'll pass...ahahhaaha..she was like..on my show in perth..hahaha

ok..then she show us that!the moment the video was on,i was like "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!"ok..i wasnt horny..juz wat?the lady was so strong she could juz use one leg to grab onto the pole and!!i'll try to get the video and see how.hahaha....then we juz went out for sum air,and smokes for all of them except me n tze min(we both very guai dunt smoke wan..=) )

then we decided to play blackjack and i ended up losing 50+..but its ok..had loads of fun and it was kinda stressful even for nick who wasnt playing!ahhaha!!stupid nick!!then about 3+ sean said he wanted to go back i had to drop him off lor..then when we got to subang to get his car,ceon called and asked us to come up to rack..hahaha...then we chatted a while b4 chaoing back here i am blogging bout this day..

carol,tahnx for the invitation!it was fun and i had loads of time we drink again..until then,wait for the next update coming up next year! =)soon la i mean!but here i wanna wish all readers a happier new year with more and more blessings to come!til then,chaoz!!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Joe's Corner

i was told by sean that the gang was planning a BBQ gathering at Joe's(his house la in other words) on the 28th..and the cost was to be shared together by all of us..well,at first i didnt know wat to bring along as i didnt want to juz go there empty i decided to juz bring 2 bottle of wine..hahaha..and try to escape wif not doing anything.. =P (juz kidding..)

so i was there at around 5+,almost 6 to juz help out and also to make amends for me leaving early as i promised my dumb dumb that i'll be joining her for a movie cuz i missed her birthday celebration on the i had to leave around 10 to make it in time for the movie..

so anyway,as i arrived,sean,denise,joe boy,and suprisingly shu wen was there..i thought she hadnt come yea,we were bth formally introduced and the work began..the first thing i did shred chicken seems for the "cabonara" that sean was about to make..on the issue of whether our hands was clean,that i think i would pass that question..why?lets just say that hygiene wasnt the issue there.. =P

so food were being prepared..tim was working with the BBQ pit together with Marco,shu wen and denise were making shepperd's pie,joe and sean on the,u may ask??i was busy decorating the brownies joe made with the chocolate sauce..hahahaha..easy job?not at anyway,work was on and then peeps started to arrive..

soon the foods were prepared...and wat else?"ita-da-ke-mas!!!"..dont know wat it means?go check it out(hint:its the national language of the "land of the rising sun"..)

makan makan makan!!!!we were gobbling foods like BBQ-ed chicken,shepperd's pie,cabonara pasta& linguine,sausages and brownies down our throat..there was also shuwen's very own salad..wat else?if i'm not mistaken nothing else gua..

so those who were present was joe;our host of the nite(thanx a bunch joe!),shu wen,denise,sean,marco,derek,kk,marvin,khye,cindrew,tim and also i forgetting any?? *kepada yang tidak dinamai,sila maafkan penulis.tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup mahupun yang sudah mampus.ia hanyalah sekadar kebodohan penulis semata mata..sila jangan menghantar surat mati(death note).hanya wang tunai dan MasterCard diterima..segala kesulitan adalah disengajakan supaya tuan tuan dan puan puan tidak menjadi lembu yang malas..Terima Kasih..*

so during the eating process,trash talking naturally made their way into the dinner accompanied by all the cursing that u ever heard in ur life..*sorry mr.thor,mrs thor..*it was natural la!dun juz point fingers at me!thank god i didnt bring it to greater heights..i juz took the liberty of starting praises plz..i feel good and proud of it..!! XD

after dinner.the wine came up..a Chardonnay 2000 and also Moscato 2006..then came Uncle Jack!!!omg..its been darn long since i last saw uncle Jack..who's uncle jack?to those who went for my pool party might juz remember,dont u Marvin?to those who didnt,Uncle Jack isnt exactly human?wat is he then??behold..UncleJack...before that,did i mentioned Uncle Johnny?It was after we finished Uncle Jack that Derek introduced us to Mr. Johnny..who is Mr. Johnny?once again,he is in the same category as Uncle Jack..

Mr. Johnny & Uncle Jack

there!!!arent they juz so handsome??i believe they are..sean did the honour of re-acting the scene where marin was holding uncle jack and embrass him in his arms..(in lay-man's term,he was drunk..)

then came the cam-whoring and also the are some pictures that was taken at the those whom find any of these photos obscene,it wasnt was done on purpose..thats the beauty man!!

The host,the host future wife(Left) and also Mrs. Sean Phuah(Right)
The Future President(so-called and self assume) and the Current President of the Metro Thespians
A very drunk derek,insane kk,and an extremely "numb" me together with uncle jack..I swear to god i dont know wat happened to him..i swear to god..A pair or overburnt drumsticks..
A very very VERY druk Marvin wif Uncle Jack(his best fren..)
this fella is sick..he needs extreme serious help..wanna know the cause?i think he juz cant bear leaving us..*awwww*

after that came cards of blackjack and i ended up losing $16!!Blardy!!!its ok..nvm..then i had to leave..b4 leaving,while makan-ing,i was being tormented by marco(idiot!) and joe(blardy!) for leaving early to go for a movie wif my taylors frens..joe was like"oh we not ur fren la now!!.fine juz leave(together wif that sympathetically phatetic face!!!)[juz kidding joe!!!]..." and coincidentally,marco said the exact same words..haiz..i cant help but juz ignore those.i'm kinda immuned to it,after knowing them for almost a year or doesnt have much effect on me,since i suffer the same thing almost everyday...

i then made my way to subang and then picked huay up from her place b4 adjourning to chris's to pick him up together wif james,and we then made our way to the was there only i realised that i didnt even know wat movie i was gonna watch..wat the hell!??!how smart can i be..?then she told me that we were watching "Night At The Museum.." was juz released on the same day we were about to did she get tickets..?

there's only few possibilities:
  1. The movie is as boring as my grandmother's lecture on her good ol' days..
  2. she booked the movie tickets like weeks b4 they were released..
  3. nobody knew about the existence about the movie
  4. every1 was stil on the holiday mood and wanted to do sumthing better than watching movie(e.g making out,mamak and other things laa..)

so which 1 could it be??lets see...i was thinking of option yea..anyway,sat down in the movie and then started watching la..

i was so god-damned wrong!!this is the most hilarious movie in the year 2006!wtf!!!how often do u see the skeletonnes of a t-rex suddenly walked around in the museum,with the charactheristics of a dog,and playing catch wif one of his bones!!?!?!?where can see the cowboys of the east going for war against the mighty old roman warriors?what other movie that shows u a humoungus rock that goes along saying,"You dumb dumb!give me gum gum!me not dumb dumb dumb!i want gum gum!!"..the fuck(in a good way of couz!)!!!

this is so worth every single sen of the $10 i paid!and guess wat..i juz bought the DVD so that i could watch it over and over,AND OVER again..!!havent caught it,go catch it..its darn hilarious that brains will explode and splatter, intestines could wriggle and stomachs burst!!!hahahha!its darn wonder movies critics said"wat happens when u put owen wilson,ben stiller,and robin williams together?a whole lot of laughs..!"

p/s:i realised that you are juz fading away from my life,not only from my sight..wat was it that i did that i deserved all these?was it sumthing i said?or was it sumthing i did?or was it even sumthing i didnt do or say??

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas'06

Its that time of the year again,the so-called most beautiful time of the year..its christmas the world celebrate christmas,how many of us really know wat christmas really means?to some it may be a time to exchange gifts and hugs;to sum its a time to gather family members and sit down,have dinner and a lil' bit of catching up wif the rest of the family members,and to sum,tis a time to gather wif frens and go out to certain places and sit down,let our hair down,and have me all the christmas that i've spent has made me realise that christmas was all about the fun of meeting frens,spending time wif family,exchanging presents and most importantly,one of the best and most beautiful time to spend wif the one u really love..

this year christmas for me was spent in Genting Highlands togehter with my great bunch of pool frens from rack(Ceon,Jason,Bernard,Billy,Hongz,Chin) and few from college(Sean Low,Tze Min,Carol)..Tze Min and Carol were like last minute entree and glad that they decided to come and join we left around 6+ and make a detour to picked carol it was sean(driver),me,tze min and carol in a car...we reached genting about 9+(after several tense moments of car not having enuff petrol..Sorry Sean!!!)..upon reaching Jason called me up(the rest of them reached earlier) and said that it took them half an hour to find a parking spot..i looked and sean and he was like"dun worry!sure can find parking wan!!!"..i thought so too..

so the search for a parking spot on the ever crowded genting was on!circling genting for a parking spot was worst than looking for a needle in stacks of hays..i'm serious!we went down and down to the last floor of the parking bays outside the highlands hotel until outside the streets of genting..bays after bays,we searched..finally(!!!! after two hours and begging to an old couple to wait for sean to bring the car round the corner[better explanation,look for me & i'll let u know]) we found a parking spot..omfg!!!god bless us(and me!)!!!!a parking spot after almost 2 hours was juz the best thing on earth that could have happened to me at that particular time..

so anyway,after that went and look for them and then we proceeded to the park(with the malfunctioning fountain) to take sum photograph a.k.a camwhoring was kinda the funniest thing ever happened to us as besides taking photograph,"fighting" session and also "gay"-ing session was the best time as we talked and joked and laughed wif each other..

after that we decided to move onto the first world times square to join the countdown celebration there..the moment we got there,we noticed that there were tonnes of ppl in there..remember my taman connaught pasar malam post on how i complained how packed it was over there?trust me.i cant get any worst than genting!it was more than 10 times the crowd with only thrice the space available..haiz..i was like crushed instead of pushed around.we had so much trouble moving around that we literally "bulldozed" or rather "sumo-ed" our path through the crowd..

then came the countdown!"3,2,1 Merry christmas!!!" were the words the host of the nite was was actually christmas already!it was then that we all exchanced hand shakes,hugs and also our usual special handshakes..!!hahaha..well its christmas!photographs taken and all!so came out the usual confetti and also those kinda snow spray!shoutings were heard,laughing and also ppl running around were sum of the things to see..

then we decided to go to the park outside the kayangan hotel to juz take sum photos and to chill out and enjoy the cool breeze..after that we adjourned to the ever famous genting carpark mamak.i was kinda irritated and a lil' bit pissed off by the mamak fellas there who juz so need to go and study customer service!omg!!the f***!i'm juz another customer trying to give u some income and u juz ignore me!wat the f***!!?!!?!plz la!if it werent for all of them wanting to sit there and have sumthings to eat and drink,i would have juz throw the cup of hot teh tarik into ur b***dy black face u i***t!!!cant even eat in peace!arrgghhh!!spoil my appetite!!like **** i'll go there again!omg..!!

left that god-damned place after almost an hour b4 jason,ceon,and sean decided to go to the casino a while while hongz,carol,tze min and i decided to walk around while waiting for them..i then suggested to wait in McD and carol agreed since she was kinda tired waited till about 3 when sean called and we decided to chao..dropped carol on the way back b4 going back to McD Drive-thru in SS15 to collect sean's car..then tze min and i talked a while b4 i chao leaving sean to send her back..reached around 5 b4 sleeping at 6 till about 5+ the next day..

i know.i'm an even bigger pig rite?but its christmas!!and u know wat?to those i did not send any wishes,i'm sorry but it wasnt i do it here and to all those i know,may u guys have a merrier christmas,and a better and happier years ahead lined up for u guys!god bless you too!chaoz B&Gzzzz!!!

photos from Genting
the four of us out side Carol's place(L-R:Me,TzeMin,Carol,Sean)

all of us who went to genting

The Rack Gang(Me,Jason,Ceon,Bernard,Jason)

A very Very VERYYY happy me!!(who wouldnt be if they were surrounded by pretty ladies on a christmas!!!)

a very stoned me..

Sunday, December 24, 2006

eve of christmas eve???

omfg!!!i so hate Club7!!!they postponed the Doubles tournament that we were supposed to be playing in today..their excuse?not enuff players..haizz..cant blame them oso laa..not their fault that they didnt have a good marketing plan on promoting that event..haiz..maybe they shud have hired me to be their sales manager or maketing plan developer or sumthing like dat..

so anyway,since it was cancelled,spent almost my entire day at Rack..spent sum time in midvalley too,went there and picked ceon up after he went there wif bernard and billy to collect their pay..then went to meeting point in SS15 for our dinner..then back to rack when ah chin called saying that he was bringing a Hennessy VSOP for us..the sound of that made me sick cuz i'm so starting to hate drinknig liquor..once in a while yes..but i juz hate the taste..

so went back there..and ah chin came wif his drink..they drank..i didnt..i sort of drank..i only had 1 glass..and thats all..after that 1 glass,i filled it up wif coke and only coke..nothing else but that..cuz i know my limits..i stil need to drive and i know that this time around,the police will be doing road blocks to "cari makan" and so i decided not to drink so much..juz filled my 1st glass wif 10% hennessy and 90% was the coke that i was since then,it was 100% coke and 0% alcohol..hahhaa..i'm sorry guys..i juz kinda had enuff...

then talk abit of rubbish busy planning where to go for the christmas and new year's eve and also alot of trash talking..hahahha..and oso a bit of on9 chatting wif tze min..then after that ceon decided to go back and i was doing nothing besides talking trash wif him,i decided to head home..and here i am wif another post..

to those reading this,i wished u the merriest of christmas and also the happiest and bestest(does this word exist??dun care laa!!!) of the new year 2007..god bless you all always and forever be filled wif happiness..

p/s:here i am wishing you a very merry christmas with a hope that stil burns that i'll be spending christmas with you filled with beauty and a whole lot of much as i hope for it,i know it may never come true..but whatever it is,wherever you may be,merry christmas..

Saturday, December 23, 2006

just a lil update..

been doing nothing today besides waking up at around 12+ doing nothing..wanted to go out today but no mood in the end cuz had to stay home and accompany my parents out for dinner since its been long aince i last did so..

went to 1u earlier in the evening but due to the amzing and forever "pleasing" traffic jam,it took us almost 2hours juz to get there all the way from anyway got there i started to hunt down for several christmas present for certain special individual..omg!dahla this month christmas summore got so many birthday and competitions..bene spending too much money d..if my calculations aint wrong,i've een spending roughly about 500-600 bucks this month alone on competition fees,christmas shopping,foods,birthday gifts and so much more la..haiz..feeling kinda bad..well,i'm juz hoping that my mum and dad wont be doing any calculations on their own..or else..*drags fingers from one end of the neck to the other end*

anyway,got sumthing for each person i intended to get its time for wrapping and a lil bit of delivering..what will be given to whom is only for me and those who will be getting it to know for ourselves..but anyway,to those who doesnt,i'm really sorry..i wished i had the money to get it for all and every single person i know..

anyway,the Club7 8-Ball Doubles Pool Competition will be starting tomoro.and the problem is andy and 1 had yet to have any serios training at each other..since Club7 has been my favourite hunting ground,i hope that luck will favour the both of us this time around and since christmas is juz round the corner,my fairy godmother(crosses fingers) will look and me and smile and bless me to do well in this tournament..or maybe i could juz follow shakti's advice and juz tell all my opponents that i know her and they might juz be "terrorised" by that and juz forfeit the game to does it sound shakti??

well,blogging rite now and waiting for stupid doinkz to reply my sms while waitig for my WLT astro movie to start..i'm kinda hungry but there isnt anything for me to eat in my house rite now..looks like i'll juz have to go to bed wif an empty stomach..haiz..

p/s:i'm starting to miss you..i've been thinking of how beautiful life wuold be if you were juz sitting next to me in my arms,on my sofa,watching a dvd together while drinking a cup of hot chocolate with matter how far you have always been from me,a part of my heart will always and forever be with you..

Friday, December 22, 2006


havent been updating these past few days due to the on going competition at Rack Cafe that began on monday..i was forced to join on the account of being a rack player..i did obliged to that..but the main reason wasnt the prize money..i wanted to prove to others that the Club7 competition i ownt last month wasnt a fluke at all and was done and achieved basedd on my very own ability and was also to shut the rumours about me being lucky form the start of the tournament..unfortunately for me,since winning that competition i havnt been able to hit peak seems like my game has just abandoned me..wel,thats the way life is..sumtimes its there when u dont need it,but when u need it the most i never does seem to be in sight..

anyway,my group started on tuesday itself..being grouped in the so called easiest group of all,the pressure was all on me to qualify for the knockout stages of last 16..i had my old time fren marcus lao from myanmar in my group,together wif another 3 so called water fish(in lay man's term-easy meat) and i need not even play my best to qualify..

going into the game,i was some what nervous..i had the fear of not even qualifying for the next round..but wif all the support my frens gave me,i put it aside...

i started off brightly,brushing aside my first opponent 5-0..playing my second game was where it all being to crumble..i dont know how i did it but i was able to win my second game game was against a "chicken king.."(in other words,he play his games based on luck and not on real skills..) unfortunately,lady luck was smiling at me and frowning at the sight of me..i was taking a 1-0 lead when the incident i feared would happen happened..the balls and the game went his way..i had a feeling that thing would happen this way,and was i surprised?no i wasnt..

watever he hit,the balss will juz run around the table and in the end knock the crucial all important 9-ball into the hole..not juz once,but 3 the end,the final score? 5-1..nope!not in my way..his way..i lost 5-1..not to a guy playing based on skill,but on the reliance of fluke..i was pissed,dunt blame me a sore loser or watever,but think about it,if this were to happened to u,would u juz laughed it off and take it as a joke??i wont,i was so pissed that i walked off the moment i finished the game..i did shaked his hands..dunt worry..i aint that was then i realised,in order for me to qualify for the next ound,i had to beat marcus 5-0 in order to qualify for the knockout stages..the chicken king qualified automatically due to the fact he had 3 wins(his last opponent lost all his first four matches and decided to juz go back home since i was pointless to play..) thus it was either me or marcus to qualify..all he needed to beat me or lose to me by no more than 4 racks(means 5-0 minimum)..wat to do?juz play laa..few minutes in to the game,marcus was already in a 3-1 lead..which means that i wont be able to qualify even shud i come back and win the matc..i didnt have the mood to play anymore so i decided to jujz forfeit the game..i know it may sound stupid but why continue doing sumthing if u dun have the heart to do it.?shaking marcus hands,he promised me he will go as far possible and then thank me for giving him the win..all these happened on tuesday..

today was the final,i was the referee and my 21-years old coach was kinda surprised looking that he was up againstM'sian #4 player,also another 21-years he bought beer,and being the kind hearted guy i am,i didnt drink..!wuahahah!ok fine.i didnt stay to drink becuz my mum was already giving me lecture on how i was treating the house like a hotel and juz came back early and dektos was complaining and asking for an update so here it am i gonna spend my christmas this year?i'm stil tryinf to plan my plans wif my frens and we've gotta see how thing goes..the only thing up on my calendar now would be another competition which would also be the last competition of the year for me..the Club7 8-Ball Pool Doubles Competition..i cant believe i'm saying this but i'm kidna sick of playing pool..maybe taking a one month break for my summer course would be a good thing for me..

btw,a new thing came isnt exactly new,in fact has been in my mind for the past few months.a new production for my coll gala night..its the new Grease remake by me n my coll mates..

we had a get-togehter today to discuss bout it..we met Eddy,our director whom will prepare us for our musical..oh ya who are "we"?"we" consists of arthur,sean phuah,denise,ronald,matt,karen,melissa,and also shakti and me(yours truly)..few others couldnt make it tand there were also several others that i didnt know..anita and oso shah was assigned to help us in the question that anita and eddy questioned us was about our commitments towards the entire musical.that question made me i willing to get really committed into the musical?am i willing to give it 101% to making the production a success?knowing myself,i wouldnt commit myself into doing sumthing unless i'm able to give it 101% ..would i have enuff time to commit myself into anything at all?lets see..the first half of the year,i wont be having much competition so i do not have to wise,thats a problem..i need to train in order to be consistent in my performance..i also need those training to keep up and stay ahead of my thats 1 up and 1 wise,i've been able to perform this semester so it shudnt be a problem..the only problem,i'll be taking several tough subjects and i might need more time on my studies to keep up the results i had..thats another up and down then?the ups and downs are both balanced..i dont know..this is my chance to really experience the big stage euphoria,sumthing i hadnt experienced since my schooling days and my time in taylors..i dunno but all i know is that i shud make mydecision soon..

sum1 tell me or at least gimme a piece of advice..i so need themm!!!!!

p/s:lately i;ve been thinking a lot about how i really feel for you and vice versa..and i realised that as day passes by,i need you more than ever..and my feelings for you gets deeper and deeper..when will it be the day that i will finally get to hold the warm hands of yours,feel and embracing you in my arms, and also hear the 3 words i've been dying to hear from your very lips to me;"I love You.."...will that day ever come?i need a sign..

pp/s:i'm so badly,madly,and deeply in love with you..all i want and ever wish for christmas is for my 3 wishes earlier to come true..

Sunday, December 17, 2006

everyday i love you

this is sumthing that i heard in a wedding dinner that i juz attended..they hired a couple of singer who went acoustic on all the songs that they sang..amongst those that were sang was a song by Boyzone,titled "Everyday I love You"..the instance i heard this song,my mind wandered to the thoughts of you being next to me..i post this song here so that those reading could enjoy this..those whom has heard this song would know how beautiful this song those who have not,listen to this and for lyrics,here.

If I asked would you say yes?

Together we're the very best

I know that I am truly blessed

Everyday I love you

And I'll give you my best

Everyday I love you"

wat do i actually love about this song?the title speaks for itself literally..this is a song composed about how this particular girl has made a guys dream came true,very beautiful this is actually..the reason why i loved it so much is on how it made me think of you the moment i hear this here it is..

p/s:everyday i love you..and i'll give you my best,everyday i love you...

pp/s:from the bottom of my heart,i do...


"the grass isn't always as green or much more greener on the others.. just enjoy the days you have... "those were the words that dektos left on my c-box few days back..those words,true and proven by my own experience,made me realized several things..

nothing seems to be as good as it seems on the outer would we know if the inner side of that particular thing would be as beautiful,yet alone,even better,as the outer there any guarantee?many of us always think that we are forever the unlucky ones and constantly asks ourselves the very same question each day;"why is God treating me this way?giving me shits and giving others more blessings everyday than i have ever got in my entire life..?why is it that others seem to be having a better life than i am??"...the main question?W-H-Y???

instead of asking ouselves and questioning God for everything that goes wrong with us,lets juz look at it from another point of view,shall we?are those ppl whom we claim are so much happier than us really happy deep inside..?for all we know,they might be having problems much greater than ours and stil being able to put aside their problems and live life as it comes to them everyday,every moment..

like dektos has said,"enjoy the days u have",i realised that i have been complaining of the one thing that i have dreamt of while the examinations was on going..the HOLIDAYS..during the exams,i was juz wishing for the exams to to pass on within a blink of an eye so that the holidays could greet me in a very very fashionable was i to know that upon arrival,i was bored to death and complained about it all the time without fail..until dektos came with those words of was my short term dream of having the hols,but in the end,my "dream" turned out to be a nightmare..and now,the thing that i have been missing all this while was the fun of stressing myself to the boiling moments studying for the exams..many of my peeps reading this may beg to differ but then before you do,ask youselves deep down inside and question yourselves if u do miss those moments in coll??for one,i do..

we juz never treasure anything that is in front of us until they or it has turned their back on us or rather juz left from our sight,feelings,grasp and also our memories..we constantly missed the things that has passed us for a long long time..and without realizing it,when those things were with us,we never did take the initiative to treasure those things..until the moment we realized that we are never gonna get them back,we start to miss them and wished that we could turn back time,dont we?

when will be the time that we learnt our lesson?or never will we learn our lesson and then allow the same thing to happen over and over again and then resulting in us banging our heads on the wall countless times with deep regrets and agony??i once again,feel that no matter how many times we say"oh i've learnt my lesson and i'll never repeat those actions again..",we will stil do it over and over again..then when will we ever learn?the answer??we never will..its human nature and its unavoidable..we can try to change but will that be enough?


p/s:writing this particular post has made me realized that i really love you,and for now,i juz wanna treasure the times i have with you without any hestitations or holdbacks.if u dunt love me being me,then i guess i was juz not meant for you..becuz i learnt that in order to love someone and for that someone to love you in return,you need to be yourself and if i being myself juz wouldnt be good enough for you,then so be it..

Saturday, December 16, 2006

all i wish for..

its the time of the year again where we celebrate the birth of jesus(sorry to all christians if i got my facts wrong..correct me if i'm wrong..) and oso the last few remaining days of the year b4 we walk into the new year..its Christmas Day again and then bout 6 days after that New Year will be celebrated...

Christmas is a time where family members get together,sit down,have dinner,talk bout things,and best of all trade presents wif each other..its a joyful sight to watch as u see those happy faces of the childrens upon opening their presents and playing wif them;sum might frown due to the fact Santa didnt bring them wat they wanted..(Santa,it seems,is an obesed bearded old man whom flies from houses to houses down chimneys into the fireplace and then puts presents under the christmas tree on reindeers..) seeing the smiles on these kids face is worth the world as kids are the so called leader of the future and also the diamonds of life..ever watched the show "kids say the darnest things?"..yup!thats y..

being a buddhist that i am,i dun usually celebrate christmas,but,being able to meet wonderful frens along the way and also having several christian relatives,i was able,this past few years,see and experience the beauty of celebrating christmas..its is in fact almost as good as celebrating the birh of a newborn baby..the feeling of the warmness between respective family members was juz worth more than the billions that the world could offer...thus making it a beautiful event..this has make me come to a conclusion that every year during christmas,i'll celebrate it wif ppl whom i love most..the idea of missing on this valuable,beautiful event is juz to bitter to even think off..

for this christmas i've listed down several things that i would really like to!its not a hint to make u guys get them for me.this wishlist is juz a things i have set my eyes upon and will try my very best to achieve..!so here goes..

Po0L3RbUoY's X'mas wishlist:
  1. A new MI Mezz cue...
  2. A new car to morve around;preferrably a Mazda6
  3. The new Apple Ipod Shuffle
  4. A new Nike Cortez Shoe
  5. A new set of G2000 all white suit..
  6. More monthly allowance(things has been kinda tight for me nowadays)
  7. more jobs in SD(so that i can enjoy and work to earn money at the same time..)
  8. Peace to the world
  9. A better bond between me and all my frens
  10. and lastly...for this i will leave it to the bottom of the post...

There goes my X'mas wishlist..achieveable?i'll try my best towards achieving number 4,7,9 and 10..the rest?lets juz say those are not as important as the few stated previously..

since the new year is arriving,i've also set myself several new resolutions...

New Year Resolution:

  1. Getting better results in my coll studies(VERY VERY important!!!)
  2. Being a better fren(to my frens,i know i've been much of a B****rd and also a B***h..and so i wanna take this opportunity to apologize to those i've offended in the past and hopefully u guys will forgive me for everything i've done wrong..)
  3. winning more pool competitions(to those i've promised to stay off pool beginning next year,i'm sorry i cant do so..the win at club 7 made me realised how much more is in store for me and the dream of being a complete pool player is achieveable..i'm sorry but i'm sticking to my pool cues..)
  4. Being a better son...(speaks for itself)
  5. for this,once again,i'll leave it to the end of this post...

thats X'mas wish and also my new year resolution..i hope its achieveable for me..and to all those pppl out there,i juz wanna wish u guys a very merry X'mas and a happy new year.may ur christmas be as beautiful as i described and the new year be greater than this year and the blessings will be more than ever..god bles ya guys out there and hopefully u guys will end the year in a BANG!!!


p/s:the only 1thing i hope would come true for christmas would be for u to finally understand how i feel towards you,and also hoping you will feel the same way i feel for you..along the way hoping that the new year will be a better year for you,with more blessings,good luck and also new year resolution?hoping i would be a better person and also being the person u have been dreaming off to be your prince charming..

pp/s:I know that you falling in love with me would be as impossible as me pulling down the stars from the sky,but i ain't gonna give it up becuz i know that for you,i'm willing to even try to pull down the sun for you..

Friday, December 15, 2006

~i miss...~

i miss college..

i miss the times where during break i'll be sitting wif the gang or wif SD...

i miss the times where in coll i can juz curse and trade vulgar words wif thee khye,kena bomb by marco,nick and oso sean...

i miss the times where fatty derek and me will juz stare cock at each other while at the same time the whole gang juz bombs joe about he and his upper class style..

i miss the times where i sit in SD talking crap and oso teasin yee yee about her daughter's name... Brigitte Amber Denise Esperanza Lily Lee Yee Yee...

i miss where i see my bossie and juz talk bout games wif him..

i missed the times where i sit in the library doing group studies but end up talking crap..

i missed the time i juz walk around coll doing nothing and dreaming about tonnes of stuffs...

i miss the orientation nite...

i miss the halloween party..

i miss seeing courtney and then greeting her "BEST FREN!!!"

i miss palaya's class...

i miss the stress of completing the assignments in time with janice,kim and faisal...

i miss everything about coll.

in short,i juz miss coll.... =(

p/s:could i act be missing yet trying to avoid the fact??i think i really do..where are you when i need u rite here wif me?do u act need me in ur life?as far as i'm concerned,i do...i dont know bout u but i do..

Thursday, December 14, 2006


aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!the hols are killing!!it never felt this long during the examinations!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh!!i'm literally bored to death(besides yesterday's trip to connaught!)!!!aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhh!!i need sum kinda entertainment;rock climbing,mountain climbing,jungle trekking,pool,basketball,football,futsal,shopping,sing k,do mou liu stuffs!!;anything at all!!!aaaaarggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

top ten things i feel like doing rite now:-
  1. play pool(very obvious..)
  2. go shopping!(Megasales are here!!i've yet to experience it!!!)
  3. sing k(desperate measure)
  4. work(need the money!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
  5. talk on the phone wif piggie!
  6. play futsal(legs itchy!)
  7. go back to coll and study!(juuz kidding!!)
  8. go pasar malam(0once again,juz kidding..!)
  9. watch movie(i wanna watch sum or any sort of horror movie!)
  10. sleep(zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!)

haiz....but unfortunately,in order to avoid mother's constant song singing for the next few days,i sacrificed my pool today to stay at home..



p/s:stil searching for the answers to the questions i asked myself in the post scripts of my previous posts..can YOU plz gimme a sign??

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

~Taman Connaught Pasar Malam~

omfg!!thats like my 6th-7th times there and i stil can complain the same thing over and over again!!that place dah la so blardy hot,summore so many ppl and so packed and ppl were like squeezing thru juz to take another step forward..

wanna know how bad it is,try imagining two cans of sardine fish packed into a single can!!

yup!!its as "good" as that!!!

so anyway,why decide to go there anyway?all thanx to the gatal-ness of anita paul(Metro Head of Student Affair) who suggested that we make a trip there soon when we by passed bangsar pasar malam(read here) after the edu fair..

so,being the adventurous person i am,i wanted to go i invited matt,karen,shakti,ronald,anita,dektos,kailash,yee yee and oso uvan cuz he said he oso wanna go..yee2 pregnant cant go,uvan din reply,dektos goota be a fillial son,ronald say lazy and too far;so leavin the rest of us to go along the way,carol tagged along after several pestering by us and we arrived there(after getting lost on the way to carol's place) and decided to walk..

on the way from one end to another,while being squashed and pushed and "molested" and stepped onto,we finally made it to the other end..after 45 minutes or so??omg!!!but lets look at the good side!!at least along the way we feasted on sum of the most amazing food..!!wuahahahahah!!

lets see:-
Appetizer+Main Course+Desserts=pan fried dumplings,bubble tea,china hamburgers(eggs wif starch and oso minced meat),kuih that i duno the english name(chinese call it mang chang kueh),cartoon characthers cake(pikachu,hello kitty etc etc!!!!!!damn cute!!!!),tokyo pancakes,bangkok biscuits,crepes,tau fu fa(chocolate flavour,jagong,mango and pandan!!)sugarcane water,and stil got muh much muchhhhhh more things!!!

wuahahahha!!!anyway,after walking for more than 2 hours,we decided to juz head back home..juz too tired to juz carry on d..after all the pushing thru,squeezing,jam,feet stomping,and all other things,we had enuff for at least several weeks!i aint coming back for the next weeks coming!!!but anyway,i kinda had fun laughing and eating and telling silly,dirty joken along the way home..

we shall go thru it once again next time,but not in the following few weeks coming..i certainly had enuff...


p/s: until today and this instance,i stil do not know if i really am in love with you,or rather shud i body soul and mind juz wants you to be no more than frens but my heart tells me other wise.."it" also tells me that ur the other half?shud i listen to "it" as it may be right this time or ignore "it" as it has repeatedly made the wrong choices and decisions?

p p/s: i'm stil searching for the light at the end of the tunnel..but unfortunately i stil cant see it..could it be a dead end that awaits me or shud i be patient and continue the search??


its 4.30 am and i'm still fully awake!!!!omg!can sumbody juz come over to my place with a frying pan and juz hit it on my head so that i could juz,like in the cartoon network's cartoon,then faint and sleep soundlessly!?!?!??!?!?!

alrite..i'm juz kidding..its 4.35am and rite now i'm stil very much awake..with a meeting looming in juz under 6 hours,i seriously need my SLEEP!!!arrghghghhghghg!!!!can sumbody juz give that to me!??!?!!yawn as much as i may,but my eyes ain't shutting..aarrghghhhhH!!!!!

ppl say that when ur tired and u can't sleep,there's sumthing in ur mind that is bugging i have anything bugging me at all??results?nope..passed everything..competitions?i never get stressed out about competitions..trainings?nahh!!its been more of a routine,not problem?cant be either..juz got my allowance and i have yet to spend any of it..


i need my S-L-E-E-P!!!


p/s:could my problem be you?i mean,shud i even be thinking of you?if i am,does it mean i'm really in love with you?i hope i said earlier,its gonna be hard for me to bear all the pain..i aint running away,i'm juz trying my best to not accept the fact that i actually do love you..

~Results are out!!!~

My results are finally out after a long long long longgggggggggggg wait!!the wait was damn hard,suffering as well..!omg..!!the day i've been dreading for finally arrived!!!hahaha..when karen told me the results are out,i was like"shite shite shite!!!"i was very glad that the day finally arrived but will it be wat i want??

checked it out and i realised i passed every single paper including a Distinction in marketing!!wuahuahahahahahh!!!i'm over the world man!!!hahaha!!!finally..!!i can move on into my summer without any worries at al!!haha!!!

peace and joy to the world!!!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

~songs review(B-O-R-E-D)~

i'm kinda bored so here i am writing reviews for certain songs that i have in my pc and that i DO listen..

Singer:A Perfect Circle
Title:Sleeping Beauty
Wat i've gotta say?:this is kinda an old song,dun blame me,i was browsing thru limewire on wats new and this came out..hahah..this is a very sad song and it also has a very meaningful lyric as well..try listening to this,i heard it over dozens of time b4 i finally decided i had enuff..

Title:Kenangan Terindah(Sweetest Memory)
Wat i've gotta say?:this is H-O-T!!in a good way of couz!this is a song to sing to ur gf if u wanna propose to her,or if u made her mad,or u juz wanna show her how romantic u can be..Samsons(if i'm not mistaken) is an indonesian band and this song of theirs is juz excellent..there's no one that has heard it can complain about it..its juz sweet..lyrics here..

Singer:Jason Mraz
Title:I'm yours
Wat i've gotta say?:this is a song that i didnt juz stumble upon..its was Matthew whom act did the job of informing about this song when he sang this song in the Metro Idol '06..its was kinda nice(dont i say this for every song here!!!) and soothing for the ears..very good indeed..wanna get the lyrics,click here..

Singer:The Bangles
Title:Eternal Flame
Wat i've gotta say?:made famous by The Bangles,forgotten after that,then once again at Metro Idol '06,refreshed into minds of the world(i mean Metropolitan Coll) by our very own Miss Shakti..wanna know the song?juz click rite here..

Singer:Mario Vasquez
Wat i've gotta say?:its a song about a guy who wants another chick whom already has a rich bastard as a bf..the lyrics are kinda nice and so is the song..its good,for those who wants sumthing else to listen..

Singer:Tyler Hilton feat. Bethany Joy Lenz
Title:When The Stars Go Blue
Wat i've got to say?:great!from the casts of one tree hill,to the voices of Nadia which i heard during jamming wif the band of Cross Advertisement while they were preparing for Metroball.lyrics anyone?

Title:Lips Of An Angel
Wat i've gotta say?:The acoustic version sound better,although the normal one aint that bad..try listening to the acoustic if u can find it..u'll love this song even more..lyrics provided =)

i think that shud be all cuz i'm currently darn sleepy next time for more lorr...


p/s:someone i trust told me that many other ppl are going to try their luck on you..hopefully u will in the end find one that is made for u..will i be that "one"?i dunt know,and i dunt even wanna know...all i want is to juz live life as it is and let things go by naturally..

pp/s:do i actually love you??or are just "another crush"?

Saturday, December 9, 2006

NAPEI 19th Malaysian Education Fair

damn freaking tired la!!omfg!!working out my ass like hell al for the sake of so lil' $$$$$..haiz..but wat to do?need the money urgently anyway..for wat??christmas and sumbody's burfday coming up..i have to get her a present or else she'll will do sumthing more cruel than murdering me;roasting my lil' brother and feeed "him" to my fished in my house punya pond..

but anyway,wats NAPEI Malaysian Education Fair.?to be honest act,i dun even know wat the heck is NAPEI!?all i know is its an education fair and i'm supposed to juz help out for a tiny weeny bit of money..but it was kinda interesting though..

getting to meet those after-spm students which will then take u back into the times when u were jjuz as old as them and walking around inthis kinda fair and deciding wat u wanna do next wif ur or play?if study then study wat?if decide wanna study wat d then study where?then study where d how much to study?all this things so ma fan!!!omg..i stil remember walking into booths only offereing free gitfs and bags which are better looking,and that explains why i couldn't stop controlling myself from going into Lim Kok Wing's booth dozens of time..dunt blame!ask those who went there?!!!not ony the free bags were designed beautifully,even the promoters there were "designed" so..!!!they were so H-O-T that i wished i was juz there working wif them..but no i dont cuz i love my coll juz a lil too much(courtney,anita..when can we ddiscuss for my bonus?i need 1 urgently!!)...but anyway,the fair was great act..

thousands and thousands of ppl were there,tonnes of hot chicks and sweet pretty girls walking into our booths and enquiring about me n all about me!!!wuahahahahha!!ok,fine!they were enquiring bout coll stuffs and all..did extra job as a councellor!i was so darn good that even ling ling and ming lian wanted to hire me as a counsellor for the college!!wuahahahha!

wat was i doing the whole of friday saturday and sunday?friday wassetting up booth day and i tumpang joone's car(corporate comm-design..she designs our metro coll notepad and oso our calendar..good job!!!).. and we had to get into midvalley exibition centre via the loading and to look for it was even harder than a chicken searching for a needle in the stack of hay!hahahhaa.btw,it was shereen,lazarus,me,joona and courtney whom were there then after several difficulties and other technical problem,we decided to we went for lunch..joona and courtney was searching for parking for over 45 minutes..haiz..then they met us(shereen,lazarus,me..we worked while they were busy searching for parking) in the foodcourts and then we continued our work on improving the looks of the booth..

day 1,billboards flyers brochures all stacked..

official day 1,gave out thousands of infos on merto coll and all..they could ask me rite?wuahahaha!it would be better for me to know them well and then u know when they see me in coll they will pay more attention..wuahahah!so anyway,gave out damn alot and talk and councel alot of ppl..hahahhaha..more than 200 pppl came into our booth to ask and enquire about our coll..i think they wanted to enquire about me but they were so shy they decided to enquire about our coll and then register so that they could enjoy the scenery and the pleasure of studying in the same coll wif me..hahahaha!*perasan maximum*...anyway,as i said earlier,hottest place to be in would be in Lim Kok Wing's booth!!wanna know why?think for urself..i'm not in the mood to give any description..all i can say is,its a heaven for guys and hell for those girls whom bf's are going to study there..*oooppps!!*moving on to day 2...

day 2,last day,..pack up sau tong and see slowly chap yea!got alot of things to do ar!!last day gotta pack up carry things till shoulder pain oso..i seriously need to talk to metro about my bonus!!i so deserved it!wuahahahhahha!!!i need the bonus to go for massage to massage my aching body yea..i think i need after the fair ended at about 5,there were stil more ppl there..and yes,they were all inside our booth!!wuahahaha!!tonnes of potential students were there to enquire all about our coll,so yeshh!!!!tonnes of pretty chicks,potential students will be studying in metro!!! in the end bout 6+,we had to pack up..those who were there;anita,shereen,ming lian,ling ling,uvan,dektos and me ;packed everything up and then headed home..

after that had to drop anita off at the bangsar LRT station where andrrew was waiting for her..thats when uvan n i decided to drop by bangsar pasar malam for our dinner!!the first place we saw was where we decided to have pour appetizer+main course..the "lok lok" stall!!wuahahha!!it was raining and this was the best thing to eat to cool ourselves down!hahahahaa..i had sticks of fishballs,porkballs,chicken balls,fu chuk,quail eggs,"flying saucer"(thats wat my parents called it,i duno the actual name..),vege and many others i ate only about 12 yea..then headed to the soya bean stall to drink soya,then to the apom stall to eat apom..then i spotted this truck selling fried carrot cake..there were so many ppl there and the smell was juz mesmerizing..i dedcided to ta pao home to eat..hahahah!so then after dropping uvan back i decided that since it was kinda too early to go back i went to Rack's instead..on the way was kinda crapping wif another crapper(shaktiii!!!) and after that went up for abit of training lor..after talking cock,gossipping abit,then laugh here laugh there,i decided tohead backhome..was darn tired that while writing this post halfway i fell asleep and so here i am the next day completing this post..


p/s: i decided to juz let things go by naturally and see how things will go on for us both..if u n i were meant to be,then let it be..if no then its ok..i guess god has other plans for me..

pp/s:sumbody once told me,"there's something that u can do better than any other;BE YOURSELF;listen to the inward voicenad bravely obey that without a doubt
Photos from the fair..

Friday, December 8, 2006

~17hours of zzzzZZzZZzZzz~

slept like a blardy pig(i know i'm already one!ssHHhhHHhhHhhhh!!) ..from 12.00 am till like 5.30 pm..woke up only see phne 4 missed calls one 1 msg..msg from maxis saying u have 19 missed calls..!!!i was like"f**********KKKKKKKK!!who wanna call me so many times orr!!?!??!?!all oso unknown wan!!muz be idiots looking for jobs wan.."..dunt blame me for it..i slept at only 6 the previous day and i've got phone calls as early as 7.30 with ppl asking "ei bro,the job stil available ar?!!??!?!?"..and sumore the ppl i tak kenal wan!!!OMFG!!use ur god-damn-given-piece-of-brains laa!!!!which person who is sane would call another person at 7.30 in the morning to ask for jobs!!!omfg!!!there's only two possibilities: 1,he's brainless(or his brains has been placed in other parts of his body like for example his arse!!) and two,he's calling from other continents like USA or australia!!!i would prefer option 1..its more logical!!!he is so blardy dumb that he doesnt realize that others needed sleep!!

even when i was workingin coll yesterday as a student helper,work from 10ama - bout 4pm,non stop phone calls(about 60-80) and messages(about 20-30) were coming in..put down phone,call come in,put down phone call come in again(and the process goes on and on)!!!ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!*holding head with two hands and spinnning it left right left right in a fast,180degrees motion!*.. but then again,i dun mind it laa..all for the sake of helping a bunch of very good bear wif it lorr...

so anyway,woke up today and was greeted by a "song" from my mum..u all know wat i mean la..when ppl say parents "sing" song,its equals to lecture the lecture of my topic was "waking up late and wasting time doing nothing 101" was f****ng interesting..too bad for me it went in left ear,went out right ear without going through my blood streams whoch would have got it up into my brains for processing and storage(most of u would ask"do you have one??"..i would agree to that) then i remembered ceon was supposed to buy dinner(using the vouchers I won) head down to subang and met up wif him and all..

using a RM100 voucher,9 orang makan..jason,katie,billy,bernard,dickson,ceon,hun wei,nelson and me...makan makan makan!!drink oso got,beer oso got..haiz..makan till no money..voucher oso not enuff cover.. ="( anybody wanna give me an odd job??i wat oso willing to do...EXCEPT cut grass,wash toilet,wash car,do laundry,house cleaning,wash dishes,change lightbulbs,pay bills,go bank,office job etc etc etc...become "duck" dun mind(terms and conditions WILL apply),drive ppl teenage daughter to coll oso dun mind(once again,terms and conditions WILL apply),taking ppl's daughter out for dinner+movie+walk walk=D-A-T-E oso i dun mind(AGAIN,t&c WILL apply) or babysitting ppl's teenage daughter oso i dun mind(T&C applies AGAIN!) yea..anybody interested?drop me a msg la..or any girls(pretty+rich+got own car[minimum BMW standard;equally or better]+got credit cards+father owns at least 3-4 companies+father top 20 richest man in Asia) who needs a date,i'm readily AVAILABLE!!!juz a msg away..

after winning the club 7 competition last week,my form of play has been dropping continuously and only shows that i need more training than i usually have,and more competitions to play next target,Rack Cafe In-House 9-Ball Pool competition(18-20th December) which offers a total prize money of RM800(anybody interested to join gimme a call.i help u register..)....hopefully,by winning this tournament,i can prove to others that my win in club7 tourney wasn't a fluke and was won purely using skills and watever i have...

haiz...tomoro gotta work again in coll..damn sick and tired of it la..but wat to do,need the money.,.so have to bear wif it lor..dun wan work oso have to work laa..need the $$$$ to fly into my pocket since i've got nobody to pay for my trainings and competitions fee..sienzzz ar!!!!


p/s:am i juz starting to fall in love with u or am i having wat ppl say "just another crush"??i hope i'm not falling in love becuz i juz cant stand the pain of falling for u,go for u,and then lose out on you..but i cant imagine the pain of trying to not love you..its worst than lemme know,shud i stay or leave??

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Club7 9-Ball Pool Competition 2006

as sum peeps have already know,i recently participated in a pool competition at club7 from the 30th Nov till 2nd December..well,joining this event wasnt cheap see my RM50 spreading its "wings" and into the pockets of club7 management wasnt an easy thing to see..the other thing that came into the expense of this tournament was the possibility of missing the birthday plus "wedding" of a good fren of mine,should i make it to the quaters on saturday..seeing the RM50 "flying" into other ppl's pocket was bad enough,let alone missing his birthday..i was like omg!!nvm la.."we see how lor..qualify only talk laa..",i told the first place,i didnt wanna join this tournament at all,due to the fact that i havent really trained for months due to the assignments tat has been thrown to me and the pressure of the finals..

however,after several coaxing and advice and pushing from several others,i decided to juz give it a try..well,trained and trained and with the help of Ceon(thanx bro!take the coupon as ur payments laa..!) i felt that i was at least able to win my first match..confidence level was rising higher.the stress level as there i was at club 7 on a thursday evening to play my first match..well,first competitive game after 6 months has really got my hands shaking endlessly,heart pounding like a horse in a race,legs numb,mind empty,lips itchy,stomach grumbling etc etc ...ok!!i admit,those were exaggerating,and not real facts..thats the only way to keep u guys reading rite??..i was juz a lil nervous and worried thats all..hahaha..

event summary:~

Round 1,p0oL3rBuOy vs unknown opponent1:he is known as unknown opponent 1 as i have really forgotten his name,yet alone his started with tonnes of mistakes i DO NOT usually do on the table;missing silly balls,silly mistakes and all kinda s**T..haiz..thats the effect of coming into an event unprepared..(i learnt my mistake)..after several misses and after few frames,i got back into the driving gear and went on to play my usual game..balls into where they are supposed to be and mistakes got trimmed to its minimum.. FINAL SCORE:p0oL3rBuOy-7,unknown opponent1-4

btw,did i mentioned that Club7 tried to sabotaj my game..they blardy turned on the aircond to its maximum and i was so freezing til my b***s were knocking onto each other like ice blocks..!!wtf!!juz because i'm representing Rack Cafe..juz a lil bit of info,rack cafe and club 7 are rival pool centre,and rack cafe players has won 6 consecutive tournaments tat club7 has organized and i'm pretty sure that they arent too happy bout it..and to make things worst,i was the ONLY rack cafe representative in that competition..the rest were all banned from playing!!!the reason?they all had malaysian rankings or either they are too good..i was like "OMFG!!!" thats the story and my reason on why they were trying so badly to make me lose!!HMPPHHH!!u wish!!bluekkkkk xP anyway,back to event summary..

Round2,p0oL3rBuOy vs unknown opponent 2: again i dunno his name but this i time i remembered how he looked like!the reason,after this summary..i was already warmed up from the first match and was ready to take on anything that comes my way..this fella was juz playing on the table next to mine and from the way i saw it,i felt i could advance to the next round..fortunately for me,things went my way and i manage to scrap through to the next round after some controversial and confusin over calls on the fouls and rules..FINAL SCORE:p0oL3rBuOy-7,unknown opponent 2-4

i qualified for the next round!!omg!!yes!!quaterfinals in my first competition after 6 months!!!woooohooO!!!!i was literally jumping for joy..without wasting anytime at all,i packed and decided to head on to rack for more practise session wif my "coach"..i was there barely 5 minutes when club 7 called me up and they wanted to see me urgently..i was not so fine wif it but decided to go back there instead..when i got there,they asked me to play a rematch of round 2 because it seems my KIASU opponent wasnt happy wif several calls that the referree made and he said that the confusion of rules cost him the game and the chance to win thet competition!!i was like hello!!!!use ur brains aint my fault that the referee was confused and made wrong calls..u lost cuz u blardy played a bad game and very OBVIOUSLY did NOT deserve to win!!!use ur brains and stop being like an old fashioned SINGAPOREAN!!(i really sorry singaporean was juz an expression meant for him,not u guys out there..) and for this,i am not gonna call u an unknown opponent,i'm gonna call u a f**ked-up kiasu bas**rd!!!

Round2{Rematch},p0oL3rBuOy vs f**ked-up kiasu bas**rd:burned wif anger,i decided to finish it off as quickly and to make the score as one-sided as i can..the anger in me drove me to a better game,player, and pool from me.i didnt even bother to shake his hands before the game..i aint gonna dirty my hands plz...the match was faster than i thought couldbe,i played better that i ever had,and possibly,te was done..after juz fifteen minutes..FINAL SCORE:p0oL3rBuOy-5,F**KED-UP BAS**RD 1...p/s:the 1 frame wuz juz a frame of sympathy..!!!

after that match,i juz decided to go back home and sleep..i couldnt take it anymore..wuz juz too tired..

it came saturday,and after several tension moments of speeding back from cheras to subang,i made it to Club7..quaterfinals was soon to begin and to think of making the final was juz unthinkable.i told myself to take it one match as it came..

Quaterfinal,p0oL3rBuOy vs Mr. YY:this guy was act quite nice,the only person that can smile together wif his opponent,and applaud when i make great shots which the whole of club7 says can only be seen on tv..hahahha..i cant help but juz laugh..but unfortunately for him,lady luck smiled on me and said"u better move on to the semifinals and ur on ur own there.!"..FINAL SCORE:p0oL3rBuOy-7,Mr.YY-3

the next match was abit easy as i have this mental advantage of this guy as i've beaten him many times before,be it competition or even simple games..

Semifinals,p0oL3rBuOy vs Faizal:game got was obvious that he was tired as it was his wedding i think,according to him..well,i didnt play as well as the rematch game(i think i need to be provoked to anger then only can play well!!!maybe i shud ask sum1 to juz irritate me to death before playing any competition!!) but at least it was juz enough to beat was simple and everything was on my side..i juz took the chances that came by my way and tried to do watever i the process,my mates from rack to time off from work and training to juz come and support me..i really appreciate it guys!ceon,jason,billy,bernard!thanx guys!!i juz cant thank u guys enough for the support..FINAL SCORE:p0oL3rBuOy-9,Faizal-6

i cant believe it!!i made my first finals in like so darn long!i havent make it into the finals in any competition in such a long long time and the last time was when i was playing in the taylor's coll competition..omg!!hahahah!!"WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!"!!!who'smy opponent again in the next round?Ben Lee;Club7 representative,ex-singapore national snooker team player 2001 and a player i've beaten only once in like 8 times of playing wif him???!!?!?!"nvm la..second place oso good enuff lor.."

Final a.k.a Championship Match,p0oL3rBuOy vs Ben Lee:i went into the finals knowing i shoulder no pressure,no tension,no expectation(except from ceon), and nothing else but juz to play my game..due to the fact that i;ve beaten him only once,i didnt expect so lets juz play it..surprisingly,i took a 3-0 lead going into the first 10 minutes of the competition..he didnt play as good as he normally do so lets jus take the chance given..pots after pots,mistakes after mistakes,frames after frames,i was down 8-6 and also one frame away from losing the match..ok i thought..its alrite,second place better than losing in the second round to f**Ked up bas**rd..but he crumbled under pressure..missing balls after balls and several 9-ball,it was 8-8..we are even!!it was then i felt the pressure,the pressure to win my first major tournament!!!the first time in this match that i ever felt the pressure to deliver this title and to keep the winning run going!!ben break to win the match but unfortunately for him,i t was my turn to go to the table after a dry break!!i made a crucial shot..a huge risk in a do or die shot!!!my ears shut out all the shoutings and cheering from the crowd..i composed myself to take wat could be the final shot of the game!i took the shot and made it!!!i won!!!i finally won the game and the title and preserved Rack Cafe's winning run in club7!!!!wuahahahah!!!FINAL SCORE,p0oL3rBuOy-9,Ben Lee-8!!!!

as i lifted the trophy highly and proudly,i felt the euphoria of winning it..andto hold the grand prize of RM1000(RM500 in cash and another RM500 in club7 vouchers),that was the biggest cash prize i've ever gotten.. and there i was..proudly holding my trophy and into the trophy cabinet of Rack Cafe... and its gonna sit there for as long possible...


Monday, December 4, 2006

the beginning of the beginning

for the beginning,this is act my third blog..after frenster blog(the first i ever had) and also another blogspot blog(but was cancelled as the blog failed to served its purposed,which was setup due to a certain reason..)..anyway wat made me finally wanna setup this blog?

it was the numerous amount of blogs that i've read throughout this whole time and all this made me realised that blogs are the only(ok maybe a few) place that i can speak my mind..on how things are,on i wished things would be,on how i hope things will turn out and oso wat has happened on this blardyretardedloser life of mine(thee khye,thanx alot for reminding me how B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L life is)..

so let this be the beginning of the beginning and hopefully the end will never arrive..btw,to those who is really viewing this blog,plz dun expect this to be another famous blog like kennysia,or juz another humoureous blog like sooperstar's blog or great graphic design like dekkieloh's blog or as poetic like marathon girl's blog or even as kinky as kinky devil not ever assume it will be as good or as great as those mentioned above,as these ppl are much more brain-ier than i am and more enthusiast about their blog as well..expectation motivates,an even higher expectation kills..

so let the poolerbuoy's blog get up and going,shall we??let the beginning begin..

and oh btw,did i mentioned why have i decided to put it as poolerbuoy,or if any of my frens noticed,my msn have the nick poolerbuoy and so is my frenster profile..why have i chosen to call myself poolerbuoy?well,to those who really wanna know,then here's a clue..

its for me to know and for u to find out..