Wednesday, May 30, 2007

*the reason for love*

as some has known,i'm currently attached.not only attached but happily in love as those who doesnt know,i'm sorry but not many does either.didnt really wanna go public bout this relationship till now as i felt the time has come to finally announce to the entire world that,i'm happily in love!

barely months knowing each other,it never crossed my mind that something were to happen between me n her.but then,god seems to have something in mind for the both of us.and along the way,it juz strikes us.we got together.time for us to spend with each other wont be long,given the fact that i'll be leaving for perth soon,but we both agreed that we will make this relationship happen and things to work out as we both are happy with the things are going now..

who is she?here she is,by the name of charlotte and by the nick of charzylicious,my heaven,paradise,guardian angel and best of all,my love..

here is a lil' sumthing for her..

*thanx for supporting me in all ways possible,in watever i decide to do..

*thanx for being there for me when i neeeded someone to talk to..

*thanx for never being mad wif me whenever i did something wrong..

*thanx for caring for me more than u care for yourself..

*thanx for showering me with all the love you have..

*thanx for allowing me to care for you..

*thanx for the hugs that keeps me warm and loved..

*thanx for all those motivating words that keeps me going when the going gets tough..

*thanx for being my angel..

*and lastly,thanx for giving me the chance to love you and cherish u with all i can..

having you in my life completes me,and covers all the missing pieces that i've been searching for all this while.ur support for me means everything,ur patience,your never ending care and love,the feeling of security and warmness that you showered me with can never be replaced by anyone..

not ashamed to say that,i've finally found you and i juz cant stop loving you..will be missing you the moment i board the plane to perth.but till that moment arrives,lets make our remaining moments here a beautiful memorable one..

p/s:cant stop loving you.. =)..thank god for sending me an angel from above.. =)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


*there shall be no updates on until the author of the blog has receives images of the recently happened autofiesta v.3. any inconviniences is fully intentional.the author shall not be responsible or liable for any incidents that this particular post will cause..till then,god bless =)*

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

*the milestone*

without realising it,in just less than 2 months putting that blog counter thingy in my blog,i've hit the 1000 visitor mark.not bad.i doubted it will even reach 500 at first but then again,life is just full of surprises,aint it?lolz..

anyway,had a roadtrip to HELP coll and also KDU and not forgertting TOC(The Otomotif College) to distribute flyers and posters to promote autofiesta which is exactly 4 days from now.omg!its fucking fast 5 months can juz past like that!five months back we were sitting in room 1.22 sitting getting to know each other and trying to figure out how autofiesta v.3 is going to forward time to 5 months after that u will see me now blogging bout how fast that event is going to happen..haiz..

so anyway went to help coll,bored and freaking long.i shall elaborate no further.all i can say is that if u want to lose weight fast,all u can do is walk from 1 end of help institute to the other end of it for a few times a day,4 days a week,i bet u'll lose weight faster than using all those diet supplement!god those chicks there are god damned f****** hot+pretty+chun+beautiful+"well" dressed=perfecto!!!no wonder many guys wanna enrol in HELP!i shud have done the same i guess..

did i tell u that HELP institute only uses apple as their computer in the lab?

so anyway,it was then going to KDU.KDU chicks are good but HELP is the best.KDU obviously needs "HELP" in that from HELP institute.lolz..spent a while there b4 heading back to coll to picked justin derek up to go meet Naza Two Wheels Division a.k.a Bikers' Dreams!its no wonder they are called that.u wanna see some real superbikes?get down there.but dunt bother talking to those personnel there.their nose is so high that they juz cant stop looking up to the sky and not to u.they sound so arrogant that u juz wished u could juz slap them on their faces.arrrghhhH!!!!!

but anyway.meeting ended fast so justin and i went around their auto mall to look around..god!those cars there are so beautiful and jaw-dropping that u can juz reach orgasm looking at them,yet alone driving them!!fuck!a BMW M6 Coupe will cost u not much,ONLY a mere RM 999,899.00!!CHEAP huh!?!?!?!kesh!if ur reading this,lets get that as our official MMEC car,shall we?*grins*

The SLR McLaren that was on show in Naza Mall!

so anyway we went back to coll and started to work things out to build the ramps for the cars for this saturday's event.while working kesh got a call from 7th gear Sdn Bhd!check out their website and watch their flash!its damn good.they can be found here.they drove a red Audi.!f***!that car is phenomenal!spotting a 19 inch rims,it also has a turbo-charged V7 engine!that car is damn powerfuk man!but anyway,they are confiming their participation and will be bringing in more Audi and also Volks Gti!damn!i cant wait for their cars to come in!

7th Gear's Audi engine!

the engine's pic upclose!

and btw,ever heard of K.K. Lau b4?it seems he's bringing in a Hummer!!!damn on man!!shit!autofiesta is really gonna live up to its name!it will be a FIESTA!!guys and girls!come for the show!u wont regret a single bit!i promise u!

anyway,i'm done for today.i guess i;'ve had enuff bloggin and now its time to hit the beds!adios guys and plz plz plz,check out our autofiesta v.3 official website here.thanx ppl!

during mother's day celebration;superalvin,poolerbuoy,and combustication freak

Monday, May 14, 2007


juz a lil sumthing i saw from a fren of his frenster page.this pic is sumthing that shall embarrass the entire police force in m'sia.hows that?take a look below..

hows that to picture the PDRM?good eii??

on the other hand,i had this new fella in my blog,a.k.a mr/miss xxx..which i would label mr/ms pussy head cuz he/she it seems hasnt the guts to comment in teh chatbox using his/her real yea,i guess a lil controversy lover(referring to pussyhead) in my blog will juz spice things up a bit..

autofiesta's coming exactly 6 days plus plus(correct at the time of blogging..).stress are beginning to pile,works seems to be getting no lesser,amount of time reducing,but the anticipation level juz gets higher..i'm actually enjoying every single moment of yesterday,kesh,lily,wue dak and i act made a trip to Bukit Jalil to meet up wif an exhibitors of ours whom was participating in a drift event happening there.the cars were fabulous.we even bumped into tengkuk djan(world's top 3 drifter) there.he confirmed that he'll be bringing his lotus to our show juz to spice up the event..xandria ooi's is almsot sure of becoming one of the judges for our GT Queen Cover Girl Search..other than that,things are going juz fine..i think it shud..i cant wait for it to come and be over with..god bless us..the t-shirts look cool.!man!i cant believe i'm act getting from the drift event and also ur F1 shirt will be up the moment i get them..

till then adios.. =)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

*public listed*

i was trying hard to consider to privatizing my blog after all those invasion by the unknowns,but after a few consideration here and there,i juz decided not yea..this blog will remain the way it was..

juz a lil updates now..

the grease casts act had a "reunion" dinner together wif our SAO ppl and also our eddy where we had dinner in a vegetarian restaurant.put away all those grumblings and rantings,the food was quite good in a way or it was great.had a birthday celebration for anita(28),arthur(23) and karen(21)

included are some random pics that i have.. =) enjoy..god bless and have a nice day

yours truly a.k.a pool3rbuoy

superalvin & pool3rbuoy

once again,yours truly a.k.a pool3rbuoy

the "woMAN"

Friday, May 11, 2007

*elliot yamin*

remember i had a post earlier where i included a link to elliot yamin's song,wait for you?the reason i included the link was becuz the code which will enable me to have that video ON my blog was not provided upon requested by the particular person that put that video on youtube.

so now that its given,i decided to put it on my it is..

enjoy it alrite?i sure did.

a time that i miss..really wished it could happen once again..

p/s:sick of this life..i juz wanna fly away,leave and forget about everything else that has happened here..i juz wanna leave it all behind..god forgive me..

pp/s:you ask me why I keep on loving you when it's clear that you don't feel the same way for me?The problem is that as much as I can't force you to love me, I can't force myself to stop loving you..

*stormy heart*

i'm not in a bad mood.not in a mood to post whoever it is that i know,or readers of this blog,if ur someone i know,plz whenever u put anything on my c-box plz put ur name.there's nothing wrong with it,unless u have something fishy..i'm pretty much sick and tired of ppl coming in wif stupid names like "who" or rather "xxx" or all those kinda bullshit.

so as of 13th may 2007,my c-box(*most definitely),and my blog(most probably) will be privatized.i've had enuff of anonymous spamming my c-box wif stupid,meaningless msgs.thus,to those i feel suiting readers of,i'll send u an invitation..

have a great day,same to u to "xxx"

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

*wanna learn a new language?*

i was browsing thru the profile of my fren on frenster when one of his display pic act caught my eyes.being the malaysian that i am,i viewed it and wahlah(!!) i came across sumthing that most of my non chinese(and also my non chinese speaking chinese frens) would be interested of..a wiseman(god knows who) once said that to learn a new language,u need to 1stly learn the bad words..

provides such services.who say net surfing isnt educational?dont get wat i mean?try clicking here and u'll get wat i mean..its good,for those whom has been dying to learn chinese and wat those certain words mean.

for those chinese speaking ppl,fear not.wikipedia also has the thing for you.try will make u further understand the definition of the words you use in almost every sentence that comes outta ur mouth.

so i hope it helps..dun bother thanking me..its alrite..god bless u ppl..take care!!

here's a lil' sumthing for every1 out there..

"ronan keating feat. kate rusby-all over again.."

Sunday, May 6, 2007

juz another update

heya..its been long long time since u last updated again..sigghhhh!there's just too many things happening rite now and i juuz cant put my mind stuck on one juz seem to be wandering around as it likes to...

i juz came back from the Guinness Asian 9-ball Pool selection..was in bali and i went..sorry kesh..i sorta defied ur orders..but anyway,it went quite ok..really dun wanna talk bout it..wat has happened to me since my last update?literally nothing but pool pool pool..i wanna drink,get drunk wasted and forget everything..

god bless me... =)

a few lines from elliot yamin's new song-i'll wait for you

"So why does your pride make you run and hide
Are you that afraid of me
But I know it's a lie what you keep inside
This is not how you want it to be

So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don't know what else I can do
Don't tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life

Baby I will wait for you
If you think I fine it just ain't true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I'll wait for you"

click here to view the video..the song's great..

p/s:yang,the song's specially for u.. =)

just some random photos i came across.. =)

parking for germans only.. =)

English only in Hilton hotel!not bad!!!and most of their staffs are malay!wow!!!impressive

and we only think there are only two types of cock in this world.. =)