Wednesday, April 4, 2007

MMEC Ipoh Convoy Trip March '07 2007

the best convoy trip ever had!!!3 words:AWESOME,PERFECT & DA was a trip well planned by the MMEC boyz once again.although there were a lot of last minute FFK,but stil we were good enuff to go.!it was damn good!as in really good!fuck kl convoy,this is the best convoy ever done.4 cars made the journey btw..

day 1:
we were supposed to meet in coll at 8.30 but being the malaysian that we all are,we only started journey at around 10.4 cars were there.Edmund's honda EK,eddy's honda duno wat model,lily's Merc and Derek's perdana.we first made our way to ipoh...tapah act cuz derek unfortunately dont know how to read the petrol meter..idiot!! anyway we managed to reach tapah around 3, and then went all the way to gua tempurung for sum time wasting adventurous climbing..hahaha.lunch was fun.especially my ever beloved president and also derek.derek,hows falling off the chair?fun?? =)

the convoy cars
the boyzz
edmund's fast and furious EK in action!
lily and her sign language
the candid shot
me & seet
awwww...the love birds.. =P
derek and elena wif the mountain of rice(before)
the after effect
after eating the rice,derek decided to re-act humpty dumpty
my ever childish immatured president
the gang at lunch

at gua tempurung we really had fun,if only we had escalators or rather elevators to help us climb all those stupid steps..the caves was amazing together wif the different kind of stone shapes and sizes..ever thought that u could see a crocodile or rather a humongous butterfly in a cave?go check gua tempurung.u'll have fun there.. =) the only downpoint of that trip was that we couldnt do the wet package.i heard it was fun..i wanna go back there..b4 i do so,its time to hit the gym.. =)

"Gua Tempurunglily and i outside gua tempurung
the guys ouotside gua tempurung
stoopid poser..get off the picture!
another poser *sweatness*
loving couple #1
loving couple #2the ever loving couple #3..oopppss!!
view of outside from inside the cave
the gang inside
view in the cave
another view inside the cave(sperm-y!!)
sharyl and i
the gang outside gua tempurung
wat do you get when a "grandfather" tells a story?add them up and u'll get "grandfather story!" =)
Derek!plz behave!got underage ppl around u lei!
#1poser of the year =)

after gua tempurung we juz decided to go check into the hotel and the get a fucking good well deserved rest b4 dinner at keshy's.upon checking in,took shower and then got dressed for dinner..=)

on the way to the hotel,i spotted a place..second on the sign board..heaven for retards like keshy and me.. =)
i am SINGLE for the nite =).any takers =)
trying her very best to look good
the cool guys

at keshy's,dinner served was the best food in its category ever eaten..the food served was the bomb.i had myself 2 huge helping b4 calling it quits..not forgetting keshy's mum dessert..that was ultimate.i didnt have the photo of that dessert though.i can stil imagine how it tastes like.. =P kesh's dad was generous enuff to open a few bottle of whiskey for us..that however wasnt gonna stop us from getting our asses to rum jungle.then over there,while house touring,bump into several things that i bet many would never has seen and wanna see..ever thought how kesh looked like in secondary skool?and i mean with hair and not the bald,shining head,and how bout kesh when he was jus adolescence?wanna have a sneak preview?

the guys at the dinner
the hosts
the guys after dinner
we had to finish 3 bottles of this
the lovely couple
the host part 2

after several hours of eating,drinking,stoning,laughing and everything at kesh place,we decided to leave and head on to the hotel to get ready for rum jungle =)..lil,matthew,derek,and elena decided to not go and wanted to recharge for the next it was the few of us that left for rum jungle;kesh,chandra,eddy,benson,sharylynna,edmund,me,kesh two cousins,seet and aidi decided to go club at rum jungle.outside was cool..but overall,dunt ask.i'm juz to lazy to explain..=(

the gang after dinner,b4 rum jungle
Rum Jungle Ipoh!!!
lets play.."SPOT THE DRUNKARD!!" =)
the handsome and the hot boyz
everyone say "cheeeeseeee"
a very very very high+tipsy +drunk Seet harassing every1

we all had hangover and reached back at the hotel only at 4..was too tired and juz slept non stop..till the next morning..

waking up in the morning was checking up time and the day to bid goodbye to ipoh..decided to juz head down to the town to have some chicken it tasted?it was only two opinion:1)either we were too hungry or 2)it tasted damn good..?i personally would go for option #2..=)all of us juz sat down quietly and juz swallowed everything we had on the table..we were hungry,cant blame us =)here's sum pic on the restaurant and some random place that sells a whole lot of different biscuits.weird huh?? =)

the only person who's stil very sane after a night long on booze..
it says,"if i could rearrange the alphabets,i'd put u n i together.."
the stoning session
a very stoned man..
the place where we had our chicken rice (mouth watering)
the aunty and uncle selling chicken rice
my table filled wif hungry ppl waiting for food
any takers for pig biscuits?miracole,the biscuit look as good as u =)
the biscuits on display

we kinda decided to stop by cameron a moment for some exciting journey and also to avoid the jam on the highway.went to some strawberry farm,visited some tea plantation(where keshy finally felt like home!!and also on top of the world!!) had some great steamboat,met some Jedi SINGH(INTERNAL JOKE) and also drove round and round up before coming back down juz to get ourselves stuck in the jam for 7 blardy hours!!thats 7 blardy hours!!one could have juz gone all the way down from KL to johor bahru and back to KL again man!!

parting ways-and the famous "goodbye" sign language as shown by mr. seet
halfway up to cameron
the view from halfway up
benson,sharylynna and me =)
the farms in cameron
the cameron tea plantation-the place where they say have very nice scones =P
the two stil very much stoned ppl
a remake of 300 the movie.spartan keshy running to the top of the plantation to conquer it
"Spartans!i stil have the stamina to do this!!"
he finally found paradise =)
benson and keshy
elena,derek,and keshy
keshy & sharylynna
sleeping beauty?? *no comment*
the steamboat on cameron!sexy!!!
Derek!!behave urself!omg!!group photo btw..
the three musketeers
the boiling pot of food!delicious!
the eating beauty??
did i mentioned we saw an indian chariot while having steamboat?
halfway there!!!
Edmund EK,sharylynna,benson and elena!
the president...
and the ever faithful sidekick!
remember i mentioned JEDI SINGH??here he is!!
upclose."i am your father!!" *zing zing zing*
keshy getting high on steamboat after meal
benson and i wif a 1942 mercedes.classis man!
keshy's turn!

overall,it was a trip well planned(other than the Malaysian timing we had to endure thru out the entire trip),well organised,fun,awesome and also a great one too..thanx chandra and eddy for making this trip a successful and good one(thanx for the eggs!!!and the blog post..!!!!)

p/s:sharylynna,if ur reading this,the previous post on the ipoh convoy had nothing to do wif me and i'm sorry if i caused u anything prob..hahaa..see u soon!in the next convoy.. =)

pp/s:dear sharylynna,above was the original is the edited version however.i APOLOGIZE since u wanted me to..that was an apology filled wif a loadz of sincerity,a lil bit of dissapointment and a pinch of anger.. =P
kesh,i apologize to u once again for those things i said..this is 100% sincerity from the bottom of my heart..*peace till i leave for Perth* =)


miracol3 said...

I wanna see Kesh with hair!!

N I don't like piggy biscuits...

p0ol3rBuoY said...

i cant show u that photos..or else he will kill me..sorry.i got a big telling off..u ask him to gimme permission then only i show u k?? =)