Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*the best shot ever*

i've seen lots of shot by professional pool players all over the world,local and overseas but nothing,and i really mean nothing can beat these two shots that i saw a long time ago.the reason why i'm only posting it rite now is becuz there's nothing else for me to post..

a shot by corey deuel,a run out from a difficult rack and also a very very beautiful fluke that led to the next amazing shot.fluke on #3 happened on time 1.28 and the great shot i saw happened on the next it..

the next shot is a shot by the one and only living legend of the game,efren reyes of the closely and u'll understand why..

those two are the biggest name in pool arena rite wonder everyone wants to be like them..lolz..thats all for now..btw guys,metropolitan college is having their autofiesta v.4 soon,in approx 16 days..check their website and then make sure ur there!!

p/s:mmec boys,u guys are certainly doing a fucking great job and i'm god-damn sure that it will be a spectacular show!cheers to u guys and all the best!

pp/s:i will always love you.. =)

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juza said...

you love us MMEC boys ?