Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i finally know wats the meaning and the feeling of being alone on your own in a world which you dont belong and at a place you are not meant to be.friends?wat's the real definition of friends?according to dictionary,a friend would be defined as,someone who is not an enemy and whom you can trust.i trust everyone around me,but its not the other way round.i have ppl that i take my frens,ppl i thought i could depend on when i need them,ppl whom i offered help and also helped whenever they needed me to,but these are also the ppl that did not bother to help me whenever i needed them,ppl that backstabbed me whenever they get a chance to,ppl that treat me like shit and never care till they need me to help them.would this be defined as fren??

in this world,lets not talk about best frens.if u have one thats good.if u dont,stop searching..cuz u never will be able to find one.ppl tend to take one another for granted.these ppl dunt understand that there are stil ppl like me that really care for them..all these ppl know how to do is to take advantage of front of you,they pretend like you are the best frens they ever had,pretend like you are better than anyone else..but once u turn ur back,the back stabbing starts.whenever they get a chance to stab u in the back,they will fully utilise every single moment they are front of their other frens,they treat you like shit becuz ur not from where his/her other frens are from,or not as rich or as good as them or watever..i mean wtf man!ur juz someone like me..look at urself in the fucking mirror b4 ever stab me in the back man.

i;m getting sick and tired of this place,the ppl around me and the things happening around me..i'm sick of it..ppl whom i thought would have been my best frens here never was,those that i stayed up late to help complete assignments,those that i brought along to places,those that i laughed and played and drank and rage al nite long with..guys,fuck off...i lived without you once,and i see no reason why i cant continue doing that..

p/s:you KNOW who i'm talking about..

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