Thursday, April 24, 2008


The following story was written without any harm or discomfort or any inconvenience planned on anybody in this world.Blondes excepted.just kidding.enjoy the story of a blonde in her normal everyday life conversation.A brunette woman goes into the dr.'s office.

She tells the Dr. : "It hurts all over my body."

He says: "point to where it hurts".

She points to her shoulder and yells "OUCH!".

She then points to her hip and yells "OUCH!".

Finally she points to her knee and screams in pain "OUCH!!!".

The Dr. asks her "Are you a true blonde and dyed your hair brown?"

She says: "yes, how did you know"?

He answers: "YOU HAVE A BROKEN FINGER!!!".

cheers! =)

p/s:i love you. =)

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