Sunday, April 6, 2008

*the regret..*

i regret leaving metropolitan college..i sincerely admit that i regret the fact that i left metro juz to come to perth..i missed out on so many things there..the fact that i couldnt say goodbye to few of my best friends in metro with shikin and anita a few to be named..i wish them luck in their new place(sorry for it being belated) and hopefully(and definitely) you guys will be happier in the new environment..we will miss you and i certainly do.

i cant be bothered doing anything rite now,and the fact that i cant sleep wouldnt help so i decided to go online and search for sumthing..and i found this.

IS THAT MARCO SOO!!!??omg!that made me missed metro even more..hahaha..all those funny shits that has been going on really killing me with humour!omg!!!help1!i juz cant stop watching it..lolzguys!check it out!NOW!!

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