Friday, April 25, 2008

*spamming sharyl*

spamming has never been so fun!lolz!lil,sharyl and me totally enjoyed and experienced a whole new world of spamming.lynnz!after all those complaint u totally loved us for doing that rite!lolz.for those who dun understand,click here.

basically,it wasn't my idea at was a suggestion by me and approved and sanctioned by lily!so its not ENTIRELY my fault thou i wrote more.the reason is that becuz i din want sharyl to feel so left out.lolz.thats y..lolz.sharyl,ur a classis.same to u lily.lolz..have fun guys.wat sharyl say is rite.blogging has never been so fun! =)

p/s:spamming has never been so fun,especially if spamming on sharylynna foo!!!lolz..cheers! =)

pp/s:i will always love you,sorry bout last nite.. =)

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